Daingerfield Texas State Park
Daingerfield State Park Information:
The 74.28 acre Daingerfield Lake is located within the 506 acre park. The park was deeded by private owners in 1935, and opened to the public in 1938. The original improvements were made by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)including the earthen lake dam, a picnic area, and the swimming beach and boathouse. Prehistoric remains have been found in the area from the Paleo (12,000 BC-6000 BC), Archaic (6000 BC-200 BC), Woodland (200 BC-800 AD), and Caddoan (800 AD - 1600) societies. In 1542, the Moscoso expedition under the command of De Soto traveled through the area. During the mid-1700s, the French established a trading post which drew settlers to the area. During the Civil War the rich iron deposits in the area provided a boom to the industrial production of guns and other items. Park habitat consists of the mixed pine hardwood forests common to East Texas. Park activities include camping, picnicking, boating, swimming and hiking. The flowering dogwood, redbuds, and wisteria make springtime a wonderful season to visit.Park entrance and camping fees apply. For more park information, read the Park Brochure and watch the Park Video.  From Daingerfield, take SH 49 east for 2 miles to Park Road 17. Daingerfield State Park Facilities Map
Directionsto Daingerfield State Park:  
From Daingerfield, take SH 49 east for 2 miles to Park Road 17.