South Texas Plains
2010 Census - Unknown
2000 Census - 253
Berclair, Texas
Berclair Texas History:  
This ranch country town was established when Joseph Blackburn paid the Gulf, Western Texas, and Pacific Railroad to build a line through Goliad County. He also donated the right-of-way through the southern corner of his ranch. Berclair was named either by the railroad surveyor after his home in Virginia, or after the combined names of Bert and Clair Lucas, owners of a nearby ranch. A hotel was established in 1887. The Berclair Post Office, a depot and stock pens were established in 1889. By 1892 the town had a steam cotton gin, a saloon, the weekly Blossom newspaper, 18 other businesses and 200 residents. Berclair is located at the intersection of U.S. 59 and FM 883, 42 miles southwest of Victoria, 16 miles southwest of Goliad, 13.5 miles northeast of Beeville, 42 miles northwest of Refugio, and 21 miles east of Normanna, Texas.
Historic Medio Creek, Texas Historical Marker:
“(It was) Named by the Spaniards about 1800 because of its midway position between the San Antonio and Nueces Rivers. Rises in Karnes County; empties into Mission River. (It was) crossed by explorers, padres, soldiers, settlers who traveled on three early ox-cart roads that led from Mexico to Mission La Bahia at Goliad. The Cart War of 1857, between Texas and Mexican teamsters on the freight route between San Antonio and Gulf ports, originated along San Patricio Road, southernmost of the three roads. The Mexican cart drivers used mesquite beans as feed for their teams, starting the mesquite brush which thrives along creek. Settlers were attracted here by the tall grass, and many veterans of the Texas Revolution were given bounty lands in the area. First post office in Bee County was established in 1857 at Medio Hill pioneer community, once a down-creek settlement. In 1909, the town of Candlish was founded within 50 feet of here, with a hotel, general store, school. The store closed; Candlish became a ghost town. In 1938-39 on Medio and Blanco creeks, fossil beds yielded 1,000,000-year-old fossils of a new mastodon species (named Buckner's Mastodon), rhinoceros, elephants, alligators, camels and three-toed horses.”  
Berclair Mansion (1936) & Art Museum, Berclair, TX:
This 22-room mansion is furnished with antiques, some dating back to the 1600s. Tours available the last Sunday of each month from 2pm-4pm; fee applies. Tours are available. The mansion is open on Friday evenings for art viewings. Beeville Main Street Program: (800) 248-3859. The museum is located at 14 Moore Street in Berclair, 16 miles southwest of Goliad, and 13.0 miles northeast of Beeville, Texas.  Email