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Possum Kingdom Texas State Park
Possum Kingdom State Park Information:
This 1,528 acre park is located adjacent to the stunning 18,000 surface-acre Possum Kingdom Lake in the Palo Pinto Mountains, 75 miles west of Fort Worth. The lake features cliffs and gently rolling wooded hills. Hell’s Gate, an important land mark, features two towering 110 foot cliffs lining the entrance into a small cove. It is a favorite party and Jet Ski spot. The Brazos River Authority acquired the deed to the parkland in 1940. The park opened to the public in 1950. Some of the park’s rock facilities were constructed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in the early 1940s. The 2011 wildfire burned more than 90% of the parkland. Of the facilities, only the linen building and one cabin received damage. Unessential park employees escaped the fire by boarding boats. Park entrance and camping fees apply. Notethat in February, 2009, the drinking water was non-potable due to the high salt content; check the water status with the park before arriving.For more complete park information, read the Possum Kingdom State Park Brochure and watch the Park Video. The park is located 17 miles north of Caddo, Texas. From Caddo, take U.S. 180 north to Park Road 33.  Possum Kingdom Lake State Park Facilities Map
Possum Kingdom Lake Information:
The Morris Sheppard Dam construction on the main stem of the Brazos River began in 1938 with the aid of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). The lake was impounded in 1941. It is 65 miles long, and has a maximum depth of 145 feet. This 17,700 surface acre lake is located in the foothills of the Palo Pinto Mountains and is surrounded by tall Brazos River cliffs and rolling hills. Because it is one of the few deep water lakes in Texas, it attracts those with the largest boats. A “must see” sight (accessible only by boat) is Hell’s Gate, two cliffs forming the entrance of a natural harbor. Activities include hunting, fishing, swimming, water sports, and scuba diving. Facilities include campgrounds, boat ramps and private lodging facilities. Boating permits are required for all boaters. Possum Kingdom State Park is located lakeside. The lake is located on SH 6, west of Graford, Texas.
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Possum Kingdom Lake Facilities Map
Possum Kingdom Lake TPWD Public Access Facilities Map
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Map of Canoeing the Brazos River Below Possum Kingdom Lake
Possum Kingdom State Park Directions:
The park is located 17 miles north of Caddo, Texas. From Caddo, take U.S. 180 17 miles north to Park Road 33.