2010 Census - 1,813
2000 Census - 1,667
Sour Lake, Texas
Sour Lake Texas History:
Long before Anglos settled the area, Indians used the mineral springs that fed Sour Lake, and the pitch found around the oil seepages near the shores of the lake. The area was first settled by Anglos in 1835, when Stephen Jackson settled on a league of land granted to him by the Mexican government. It was initially named Sour Lake Springs for the mineral springs. By 1850, Sour Lake was a health resort. The Hardin County Sour Lake post office opened in 1879 and became the Sour Lake post office in 1895. By 1885, Sour Lake had two general stores, two hotels and 150 residents. The population declined to fifty in 1896. The July 1902 discovery of oil made Sour Lake a boom town. During the peak production time, 50,000 barrels of oil were produced daily, and the town had up to 10,000 residents. The Sour Lake oil field produced up to 90,000 barrels a day up to 1948. Production then dropped to 3,500 barrels a day. The Texas and New Orleans Railroad and the Beaumont, Sour Lake and Western Railway completed lines to the town in 1914. Sour Lake incorporated in 1947. The Texas Company was established at Sour Lake in the early 1990s. It later became Texaco. Sour Lake is located at the intersection of SH 105 and SH 326, 23.8 miles north of Winnie, 31 miles northeast of Liberty, 49 miles south of Woodville, 56 miles southwest of Kirbyville, 18 miles southwest of Kountze, 27 miles southwest of Silsbee, 19.4 miles southwest of Lumberton, and 20 miles northwest of Beaumont, Texas.
Historic Sour Lake, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Early-Day Health Resort, with baths that attracted such Texans as Gen. Sam Houston. The healing waters had been used for years by the Indians. One spring’s water with high sulphuric acid content primed telegraph batteries during the Civil War. This was of vital importance for at best telegraph service was limited. Started in 1854, the 1861-1865 system went only from Shreveport to Marshall to Houston, and Houston to Galveston to Orange. A 20 word telegram sent from Shreveport to Houston in February 1865 cost $36.”
Historic Stephen Jackson, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Born in South Carolina, Stephen Jackson moved to Lorenzo De Zavala’s Colony in Texas in 1831. He received a labor of land (177 Acres) to establish a farm. In 1835 Jackson was granted a League of Land (4,428 Acres), which included the later community of Sour Lake. In 1836 Jackson served in Captain Logan’s Company of the Texas Army and was awarded 320 Acres of land in Milam County as bounty. He married Susan Choate (1807 – 1873) in 1838 and established their home near here. They are buried along with their children – Ambrose, Sarah, James A., Minerva, Stephen, and W.J. – in the family cemetery (0.5 miles NW).”  
Sour Lake Murals:
Sour Lake is in the process of adding beautiful murals to its downtown area.  
The Texas Company (Texaco) Fee No. 3 Discovery Monument:
The monument honors the discovery of oil in Sour Lake and the birth of the Texaco Company in 1903. The monument is located at 300 S. Ann Street, adjacent to the Alma M. Carpenter Building.
Bertha Terry Cornwell Museum:
The museum features exhibits depicting the history of Sour Lake from 1840 to the present, including the former Hardin County sub jail cells. The museum is located in the Library building at 300 S. Ann Street, behind the Alma M. Carpenter Building. Open Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm. (409) 287-3592.
Alma Carpenter Public Library:
The library provides traditional library programs, children, youth and adult programs, summer programs, public access computers with internet connections, and free Wi-Fi. The Chamber of Commerce and the Bertha Terry Cornwell Museum is housed in the library. (409) 287-3592. Open Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm. (409) 287-3592. 300 S. Ann Street.
Alma M. Carpenter Community Center:
(409) 287-3374. The community center is located at 625 SH 105 West.
Bruno & George Winery, Sour Lake, TX:
The winery produces aperitifs and dessert wines. Tours and tastings are available by appointment. (409) 963-8235. 400 Messina Road, Sour Lake, TX 77659. Sour Lake Texas Map; Click to Enlarge
Sour Lake Texas Area Map 
El Jalapeno Restaurant:
(409) 287-3301. 104 South Merchant Street. Reviews