South Texas Plains
2010 Census - Unknown
2000 Census - 26,935
Weslaco, Texas
Weslaco Texas History:
Weslaco is located on a portion of the Llano Land Grant granted to Juan Jose Ynojosa de Balli in 1777. Upon Balli’s death the land was divided among his children and Manuel and Maria received the land on which Weslaco is situated. Uriah Lott and Lon C. Hill Jr. (founder of Harlingen) and others wanted to promote farming in the area instead of the traditional Mexican ranches. To ensure this would happen, they were instrumental in bringing the St. Louis, Brownsville and Mexico Railway to Weslaco in 1904. In 1913, the American Rio Grande Land and Irrigation Company purchased a major portion of the Llano Land Grant and platted the western section. In 1917 the irrigation company sold 30,000 acres to the W. E. Stewart Land Company (Weslaco). The Stewart Land Company sold the townsite land to Ed Couch and others. The site was surveyed and platted in September, 1919. In December, 1919 a sale of the lots was held. To make a claim on a lot, buyers had to choose a lot and camp on it until the day of the sale. Free lots were given to churches. The City’s name is taken from the initials of the W.E. Stewart land Co. The Weslaco post office was established in 1920. Also that year, the Donna Light and Ice Company began providing electricity to the town. Texas A & M established the Valley Experiment Station in 1924. It was later renamed Texas A & M University Agricultural Research Center. The construction of the train depot in 1927 expanded the economy by attracting large businesses. The town had 5,300 residents in 1930. In 1936 civic plans required all buildings in the business section to be remodeled with Spanish colonial architecture. Business used neon lights to outline the new facades causing the town to become became known as neon city. The Weslaco Citrus Growers Association was organized in 1940. Weslaco is home to many Winter Texans and is the geographic center of the Rio Grande Valley. It is known for its sweet 1015 onions. Weslaco is located at the intersection of U.S. 83 and FM 88 (Texas Boulevard), 24 miles northeast of Hidalgo, 9.7 miles east of Alamo, 24 miles east of Mission, 16 miles east of McAllen, 13.8 miles east of Pharr, 11.5 miles east of San Juan, 9.6 miles east of Alamo, 4 miles east of Donna, 21 miles southeast of Edinburg, 20 miles west of Harlingen, 12.6 miles west of La Feria, 4.9 miles west of Mercedes, 59 miles slightly northwest of South Padre Island, 26 miles slightly northwest of San Benito, 20.5 miles northwest of Los Indios, 13 miles northwest of Santa Maria, 6.7 miles northwest of Progreso, Texas and Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, and 45 miles northwest of Brownsville, Texas.