2010 Census - 4,560
2000 Census - 4,808
New Boston, Texas
New Boston Texas History:
In 1876, the railroad constructed a line 4 miles north of Boston. Boston businessmen successfully met with the railroad officials to secure a depot location at the point on the line closest to Boston. In 1876, a new townsite was platted at the depot on 100 acres owned by the railroad. This new town was called New Boston. The Boston post office was moved to New Boston in 1877. By 1884, New Boston had 400 residents, and by 1900 it had 762 residents. During World War II the Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant and the Red River Army Depot were constructed just southeast of New Boston, causing rapid town growth. The population grew from 1,111 in 1940 to 2,688 in 1950. A new county courthouse was completed in 1986 in New Boston, but Boston remained the official county seat. New Boston is located on the northwest border of the former Red River Army Depot at the intersections of IH-30, U.S. 82, FM 1840 and SH 8 (McCoy Boulevard), approximately 7 miles south of the Oklahoma state line, 55 miles northeast of Mount Vernon, 52 miles northeast of Pittsburg, 40.7 miles northeast of Mount Vernon, 42.5 miles northeast of Daingerfield, 22 miles northwest of Texarkana, 19 miles northwest of Redwater, 36.7 miles northwest of Atlanta and Wright Patman Lake, 55 miles north of Jefferson, and 36 miles north of Linden, Texas.  
Boston Texas History:
The original town of Boston, Texas was Bowie County Seat until 1890 when the county seat was moved to Texarkana. When the railroad built a line north of Boston, a new townsite was platted around the train depot and that new townsite was named New Boston. Because it had been decided by the Texas State Legislature that county seats should be centrally located, a new courthouse was begun at New Boston in 1890. The post office was moved from the original town of Boston to New Boston. Old Boston is located approximately 2.5 miles south of Boston. If you aren’t confused enough by all these Boston names, the 1985 Bowie County courthouse is located in New Boston even though Boston is the county seat. In the mid-1890s Boston had 175 residents. Boston is located on the southern border of New Boston.
Bowie County Courthouse, 1985: 
The 1985 Bowie County Courthouse is located in New Boston even though Boston is the present county seat. This 1985 courthouse was designed in modern style by architects Thomas, Embeton, & Associates of Texarkana. The beautiful 1891 county courthouse located in Boston was burned by an arsonist in 1989 after having sat vacant for many years. The old courthouse square in Boston has been converted to a park featuring benches, a bandstand, and a picnic pavilion; the 1891 Bowie County Jail is located on the southeast corner of the square. The 2010 Bowie County census was 92,565. (903) 628-6719. 710 James Bowie Drive, New Boston, TX 75570. Email    
Old Bowie County Jail, 1891, in Boston, Texas:
The jail was in use until 1984. It is now abandoned. This jail still stands on the old courthouse square in Boston, Texas at the corner of FM 1840 and South Merrill Street.  
The Williams House Museum, De Kalb, TX:
The museum features exhibits and artifacts depicting the history of De Kalb. Included are items belonging to Dan Blocker who played Hoss Cartwright on the long running television series Bonanza; Blocker was born in De Kalb, and is buried in the local cemetery. Also included are items memorializing singer Ricky Nelson, whose plane crashed in De Kalb in the 1980s; the tail of his plane, or a substitute, is located on the museum grounds. Tours are available by appointment. There is often a note on the door containing a phone number; call the number and someone will open the museum during off hours. (903) 667-3344. DeKalb Map; Click to Enlarge  De Kalb Texas Area Map
New Boston Library:
The library provides traditional library programs, children, youth and adult programs, summer programs, public access computers with internet connections, and free Wi-Fi. Open Mon-Tue & Thu, 10am-6pm; Wed & Fri, 9am-5pm; Sat, 9am-12:30pm. (903) 628-5414. 127 N. Ellis Street.