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2010 Census - 24,250
2000 Census - 23,444
San Benito, Texas
San Benito, Texas History:
The city is located on the portion of the 1789 Concepcion de Carricitos land grant awarded to Bartolome and Eugenio Fernandez. The city portion was originally given to Judge Stephen Powers in the mid-1800s in exchange for legal services he performed for the Fernandez heirs. After Power’s 1904 death, his sons-in-law who were the administrators of his estate, and Col. Sam Robertson formed what later became the San Benito Land and Water Company. In early 1907, they platted the town of Bessie and began selling lots. The name was changed to San Benito when the post office was established later that year. During the town’s early years the town was a major shipping center for Rio Grande Valley citrus fruits and produce. The produce industry began to decline in the 1960s, and the last citrus packing plant closed after the severe December 1983 freeze. The main industries shifted to agriculture and light industries. In 1990, three cotton gins were located in town. San Benito is known as the Resaca City, due to the large 400 foot wide Arroyo Colorado that winds through the town. Resacas are oxbow lakes or ponds formed from left over pieces of former riverbeds; they are normally filled by spring floods, though some have a constant water source. Local music legends include Narciso, father of the Conjunto (accordion style Latin based) music, and Freddy Fender. As of 2008, a new Veterans Memorial was being planned, and plans to construct a wetland system, and to repair the environmentally damaged Arroyo Colorado, were being finalized. San Benito is located 8 miles north of the Rio Grande River and Mexico on U.S. 77 and U.S. 83, 25 miles northeast of Progreso, 10.8miles northeast of Los Indios, 340 miles southeast of McAllen, 30 miles southeast of Raymondville, 20 miles southeast of Mercedes, 14.7 miles southeast of La Feria, 5.8 miles southeast of Harlingen, 24 miles southeast of Arroyo City, 9 miles southeast of Rio Hondo, 34.4miles northwest of South Padre Island, and 20 miles northwest of Brownsville, 9.7 miles northwest of Rancho Viejo, and 11.8 miles northwest of Los Fresnos, Texas.
San Benito Post Office & Federal Building, 1933:
The main San Benito Post Office is still housed in this building. The original mailboxes are available for the public to purchase as time capsules; (956) 361-3804. 417 North Sam Houston Boulevard, San Benito, Texas.