Fort Bend, Harris
Gulf Coast
2010 Census - Unknown
2000 Census - 15,861
Stafford, Texas
Stafford Texas History:
In 1830, William Stafford established a cane mill and a horse powered cotton gin on his plantation. On April 15, 1836 Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his troops stopped at the Stafford Plantation. After feasting on Stafford’s livestock and corn, Santa Anna ordered the buildings burned. Stafford rebuilt the plantation after the Texas Revolution and lived there until his 1840 death. The Stafford Point settlement grew up around the plantation. In 1853, the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway built a line through the area and established a stop at Stafford Point. Stafford Point had several post offices over the years. The Stafford post office was established in 1969; it closed in 1918 and reopened in 1929. Stafford incorporated in 1956. Today Stafford is a bedroom community of Houston, with many residents commuting to Houston for work. In 200,0 the community had 15,681 residents and 1,923 businesses; it has no city property taxes. The town has no property taxes and has the only Municipal School District in Texas. Stafford is located on U.S. 90, U.S. 59 and the Sam Houston Tollway, 5 miles east of Sugar Land, 28 miles southeast of Katy, 18 miles southeast of Addicks, 20.5 miles southwest of Houston, 1.5 miles west of Missouri City, 24.5 miles southwest of Pasadena, 19.6 miles northwest of Pearland, 13 miles northeast of Richmond, and 27 miles northeast of Needville, Texas.