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2000 Census - 152
Wadsworth, Texas
Wadsworth Texas History:
In 1902 Ambrose A. Plotner and John W. Stoddard formed the Colonial Land Company which purchased the Kemp pasture. The company platted the town of Wadsworth, naming it after early settler William Wadsworth. During the early 1900s the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway began providing rail service to the town. The Wadsworth post office was established in 1907. By 1914 the town had two churches, a school, a cotton gin, a lumberyard, a telephone system and 150 residents. By the mid-1920s the population was 900 although the town had no businesses. Wadsworth is located at the intersections of SH 60, FM 521 and FM 2078, 22 miles southeast of Elmaton, 26 miles southeast of Blessing, 26 miles northeast of Palacios, 21 miles northeast of Collegeport, 10 miles northeast of Matagorda, and 12 miles slightly southeast of Bay City, Texas.
Historic Sacred Catholic Church, Texas Historical Marker Text:
Early residents of Wadsworth (Est. 1909) John H. and Anna Ottis received help from Galveston Bishop N.A. Gallagher, the Rev. George Montreuil, and other Catholics in the area to erect the 2-story Sacred Heart Catholic Church/school building in 1912 at the corner of 1st and Avenue H. Though the school closed after 2 years catholic services were continued. Road construction prompted the Rev. M.J.O.' Regan and the congregation to reassemble the original sanctuary here in 1924. Sacred Heart continues to serve the community as a mission of Bay City's Holy Cross Catholic Church.” The church is located at the intersection of Avenue F and SH 60 in Wadsworth.
Historic St. Francis Catholic Church, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“First Euro-American Roman Catholic Church in county. Land a gift of Mrs. Frank Seerden and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Butter. In Polish Village. Rebuilt following 1895 hurricane destruction. Later research showed original land donors were Mrs. Frank Seerden and her nephew Zeflick "Z" Butter.” The church is located on SH 521, approximately 1.5 miles west of Wadsworth.
El Maton National (Dance) Hall and Tavern:
This is one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. It offers live music, cold beer and dancing. It is available for private functions. Open Fri-Sat, 5pm-Midnight. The dance hall hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Day BBQ cook-off with live music on Friday and Saturday nights. (979) 479-5456. (979) 240-5858. The hall is located  south of SH 35 at the intersection of FM 1095 and CR 432, approximately 2 miles east of Blessing, 10 miles southwest of Bay City, and 24 miles south of El Campo, Texas at 565 FM 1095, Elmaton, Texas 77440. Email  Elmaton Area Map  Elmaton Map; Click to Enlarge 
Hotel Blessing & Restaurant, Blessing, TX:
Built in 1906, the hotel was given to the Blessing Historical Foundation in 1978. It was restored and functions as a hotel. The Blessing Hotel Coffee Shop still has the old wood stove. The Coffee Shop menu changes daily. The food is excellent country cooking; customers serve themselves from pots set on the old potbellied stoves. Turkey and dressing is served every Sunday. The Coffee Shop serves breakfast and lunch daily; closed on Christmas Day. It closes at 2pm. Sometimes the Hotel is closed, but the restaurant always remains open. The hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (361) 588-6623. 128 10th Street, Blessing, Texas 77419. Blessing is located on Sh 35, 6 miles southwest of Elmaton, and 17.5 miles southwest of Bay City, Texas. Restaurant Reviews
Spoonbills, Matagorda TX:
This is Matagorda’s best restaurant. Spoonbills serves delicious seafood and other menu items, and offers a good selection of wines. (979) 863-7766. The restaurant is located in a house with a screened porch at 773 Cypress Street. Reviews
Annual Matagorda County Fair & Livestock Show, Feb, Bay City, TX:
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-3:30pm; closed 12-1pm for lunch. (979) 245-2454. Tickets: (979) 245-1819. The fairgrounds are located on the southeast edge of Bay City at 4511 FM 2668, Bay city, TX 77414.