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Lubbock Lake Landmark State Historic Site
Lubbock Lake Landmark State Historic Site Information:
This 336.6 acre day use park is an archeological and nature preserve located in the northwestern area of Lubbock. TPWD and Texas Tech University took over the management of the property when they acquired the property from the City of Lubbock in 1986. It was opened to the public in 1990. Most of the 300 archeologically important acres of this National Historic Landmark are within the park's borders. The land lies along Yellowhouse Draw, a dry tributary of the Brazos River. This site was discovered in 1936 by two boys who found a projectile point and the remains of extinct animals dredged from the Fireman's Reservoir. The point was identified as a 10,000 year old Folsom Point. The Museum of Texas Tech has done extensive excavations in the area since 1972, and is in charge of the educational activities at the site, and is the official curatorial repository for artifact collections. The 1879 Singer's Store, the first business established at Lubbock Lake, is located in the park. The Robert Nash Interpretive Center museum features an exhibit gallery, an auditorium, a Learning Center, and the Museum of TTU administrative offices. Trails include the 1 mile ADA compliant trail, and a 4 mile nature trail that meanders along the slopes and the dry bed of an ancient river. Life sized bronze statues of extinct bison, elephants, a giant armadillo and a short-faced bear are located at the visitor's entrance. A hands-on children’s dig is located onsite. The park hosts cultural, nature and archeology workshops, and self-guided and guided tours. Open Tue-Sat, 9am-5pm; Sun, 1pm-5pm. (806) 741-0306. (806) 765-0737. 2401 Landmark Drive, Lubbock, Texas. Email 
Brazos River Yellow House Draw & Black House Draw:   
The Blackwater and Yellow House Draws are tributaries of the Double Mountain Fork, a tributary of the Brazos River. The Yellow House Draw rises north of Morton, Texas and flows past Anton to its conjunction with the Blackwater Draw in Mackenzie Park in Lubbock. The Blackwater Draw rises southwest of Clovis, New Mexico, and southwest of Farwell, Texas. It flows in a southeastward direction pass Muleshoe and Earth, and north of Anton Texas to its conjunction with the Yellow House Draw in Lubbock where the conjunction of the two draws forms the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River. Petersburg is located northeast of the Blackwater Draw.
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