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Fort Lipantitlan State Historic Site
Fort Lipantitlan State Historic Site Information:
Mexican forces constructed the wooden fort in 1831 in preparation of potential conflicts with Texians.
In 1835, the small Mexican guard force surrendered to Texan forces without a shot being fired. Today, there is nothing left of the fort. The only amenities are 6 picnic tables and Texas Historical markers. Activities include picnicking and birding. Hours and fees do not apply. For more information read Texas Forts History and an article by Charles M. Yates.The fort site is managed by Corpus Christi State Park. It is located 9 miles east of Orange Grove, off Texas State Road 359, FM 624 and FM 70. It is hard to find; call the Corpus Christi State Park for directions.(361) 547-2635.
Fort Lipantitlan, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“In 1723 a Spanish Fort was built at this site near a Lipan Apache Village with the Aztec name Lipantitlan. The post was later abandoned, and the village was deserted after many Indians died with the Gutierrez-Magee Expedition at the Battle of Medina, Aug 18, 1813. Garrisoned again about 1831 by Mexican troops as a deterrent to further Anglo-American colonization, Fort Lipantitlan was a simple earthen embankment surrounding unfinished barracks. In 1835 the soldiers borrowed a cannon from the settlers in nearby San Patricio, foreshadowing a similar incident at Gonzales which led to the skirmish of Oct 2, 1835, and sparked the Texas Revolution. Late in Oct 1835, Capt. Philip Dimitt, commander of Texas forces at Goliad, dispatched a company under Ira Westover to take Fort Lipantitlan. Westover captured the fortification on Nov 3 and the next day stopped a Mexican counterattack led by Capt. Nicolas Rodriguez. Although not decisive, the battle boosted the Texan’s morale. On June 7, 1842, Fort Lipantitlan was successfully defended by an army of volunteers under Gen. James Davis against an attack by Gen. Antonio Canales and his “Republic of the Rio Grande” forces. After that battle, the post was abandoned and soon crumbled into ruin.”
Chipita Rodriguez, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“In 1863, Chipita Rodriguez was indicted on circumstantial evidence, and tried before 14th District Court Judge Benjamin Neal for the robbery and murder of John Savage. The jury recommended mercy; Judge Neal ordered her executed. On November 13, 1863, she was hung from a mesquite tree near the fort; she was the only women executed in Texas.
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Fort Lipantitlan State Historic Site Directions:
The park is located 9 miles east of Orange Grove, off SH 359, FM 624 and FM 70. It is hard to find; call the state park for directions.