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2000 Census - 250
Walburg, Texas
Walburg Texas History:
In 1881, Henry Doering moved to the area and established a general store. He named the settlement Concordia. When he applied for the post office in 1886, he renamed the town for his home town of Walburg, Germany. Two Lutheran churches were established in the 1880s. In the 1890s, the town had a gin, a physician, blacksmith, pharmacy, a bank and an approximately 16 residents. In 1925, the town had 200 residents. Since World War II, the population has remained steady at approximately 250 residents. This historic German community is a popular filming site. Walburg is located at the intersection of FM 972 and FM 1105, 40 miles southeast of Killeen, 38.6 miles southwest of Temple, 30.5 miles southwest of Belton, 21.7 miles southwest of Salado, 22.9 miles northwest of Taylor, 12 miles northwest of Granger, 21 miles north of Hutto, 39 miles northeast of Austin, and 11.6 miles northeast of Georgetown, Texas. 
Historic St. Peter Lutheran Church, 1880s:
The first church was built in 1889. The current church was built in 1930, using windows and other items from the old church. This beautiful church is located at the intersection of 2929 FM 972 and FM 1105, approximately eight miles northeast of Georgetown. Church services are held on Sundays at 10:15am; Holy Communion is offered on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. (512) 863-5600.
Historic Zion Lutheran Church & School, 1882:
Wendish families from Lusatia, near the border of the Czech Republic and Poland, began arriving in Texas in 1849, followed by a group of 35 in 1853. Some of the Wends established the town of Serbin in 1860. In the late 1870s, some of these immigrants moved to Walburg. In 1882, they established the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church was dedicated on September 13, 1882. The school teaches preschool, kindergarten, and grades first through eight. The church hosts the annual Wurstbraten which attracts several thousand visitors annually. Church services are held on Sundays at 10:45am. (512) 863-3065. (512) 863-5345. The church is located at 6001 FM 1105, on a hill overlooking Walburg. Email History
Zion Lutheran Church, Texas Historical Marker Text:
The Zion Lutheran Church of Concordia was established in 1882 as a place of worship for immigrants of German-Wendish descent the Wends area Slavic people from the German area of Lusatia. Near the border with the Czech Republic and Poland settlers immigrated to Texas in the 1850s with the Reverend John Kilian after founding a new homeland in present-day Serbin (Lee County), a number of the pioneers began migrating in the late 1870s to the northeastern part of Williamson County their settlement later became known as Walburg. Under the guidance of the reverend J.H. Maisch, settlers organized the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Concordia here. The church's nine charter members were Wilhelm Anders, August Doehre, Albert Krause, John Neitsch, Albert Ramm, Andreas Schneider, Jacob Schomber, John Schulze and Carl Streich. The church cemetery was also established in 1882, with the first recorded burial occurring the same year. Since education was of primary importance of the settlers, they also founded a school at that time which continues to educated students today. The congregation grew throughout the years despite challenges. A fierce June 1886 wreaked havoc on the community and moved the church building off its foundation. Members have rebuilt and placed additions on both the school and the church. After over a century, Zion Lutheran Church and School continue by serving as a place of worship and an educational institute. Since 1971, the church has served the community through the annual Wurstbraten sausage supper.” 
Historic Holy Trinity Catholic Church of Corn Hill, TX:
The twin steeples of this beautiful church in New Corn Hill, Texas are visible for miles around. The New Corn Cemetery is located nearby. New Corn Hill is located just east of IH-35 on FM 1105, 6 miles southeast of Jarrell, 13.6 miles northeast of Walburg, 16 miles southeast of Florence, and 15 miles northeast of Georgetown. Click on the above link for service times. (512) 863-3020. 8626 FM 1105, Jarrell. Email 
Moravian Dance Hall, Corn Hill, TX, 1938:
The dance hall hosts barbeque cook-offs and dances, and is available for event rentals. (512) 746-2591. This historic dance hall is located at 2300 CR 316 at FM 1105 in Corn Hill, Texas, 6 miles southeast of Jarrell, 13.6 miles northeast of Walburg, 16 miles southeast of Florence, and 12.8 miles northeast of Georgetown, Texas. Events
Annual Williamson County Livestock Association Youth Fair, Jan, Georgetown, TX:
This event is held at the Georgetown Arena in San Gabriel Park at 445 East Morrow Street, Georgetown, Texas 78726. Contacts
Annual Oktoberfest Weekend, October:
This weekend event is held at the Walburg German Restaurant. Tickets sell out early so make reservations in early summer. (512) 863-8440.The restaurant is located at 3777 FM 972 at FM 1105 in Walburg, TX 78673. From IH-35 North, exit #268. At the stop sign turn right and drive 4 miles to Walburg.
Annual Zion Lutheran Church Annual Wurstbraten Sausage Supper, 1st Monday in Nov:
Festivities begin the Saturday prior to Wurstbraten, when Zion members and guests of all ages gather at dawn at the Walburg Community Center to begin the sausage-making process. Long hours of preparing casings; cutting, weighing, and grinding over 13,000 pounds of pork; and stuffing and smoking sausage continue throughout the weekend. On Monday a delicious meal of sausage, side dishes, homemade bread, and desserts is served. They serve about 4,400 meals annually. (512) 863-3065. (512) 863-5345. The church is located at 6001 FM 1105, on a hill overlooking Walburg. Email      
Dale’s Essenhaus Restaurant & Live Music:
This restaurant is known for great hamburgers and live music. The outside Biergarten is open on Friday and Saturday nights from April through October offering live music, food and drinks. Thursday nights feature karaoke from 7pm-11pm. The restaurant serves comfort foods such as hamburgers, great fried catfish, chicken fried steak, and hamburger steaks. Open Tue-Thu, 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-10pm. (512) 819-9175. The restaurant is located at 3900 FM 972. From IH-35 North, take exit #268. At the stop sign turn right and drive 4 miles to Walburg. Email  Reviews  
Gepetto’s Pizzeria, Prairie Dell, TX:
This restaurant serves delicious pizza. Open daily, 11am-9pm. (512) 947-7255. Take the IH-35 Prairie Dell Exit 280 north of Jarrell; the restaurant is located on the west side of the highway on the access road at 20400 South IH-35. It is located in Prairie Dell, north of Jarrell, and south of Salado, Texas. Reviews  Prairie Dell Texas Area Map