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Sweet Home, Texas
Sweet Home Texas History:
The town was named Sweet Home because early settlers thought the site was an ideal place to live. The Sweet Home Post Office was established in 1852. George West established a store, a hotel and stables in 1860.During the Civil War the town served as a winter camp for freight and cotton wagon trains carrying supplies from Alleyton to Brownsville. Czechs and Germans began moving into the community in approximately 1873. When the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway was built 5 miles south of town in 1887, George West sold his buildings and moved his store close to the railroad station, and other settlers joined him. By 1890 the new Sweet Home townsite had 6 stores. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, on of Texas’ famous painted churches, is located in Sweet Home. Unincorporated Sweet Home is located one mile east of U.S. 77A at the intersection of FM 318 and FM 531, 7 miles northeast of Yoakum, 16 miles northeast of Hochheim, 32 miles southeast of Gonzales, 24 miles southeast of Moulton, 13.7 miles southeast of Shiner, 32.5 miles south of Flatonia, 29.7 miles southwest of Schulenburg, 12.5 miles southwest of Hallettsville, 42.5 miles northwest of Edna, and 43 miles north of Victoria, Texas.
History of the Painted Churches of Texas:
The more than 20 painted churches in Texas were established by German or Czech emigrants. The churches are so named because almost every interior surface area is painted in vivid colors. Some church interiors are painted in more detail than others. Wall inscriptions are in German or Czech. Many of the churches are small with high steeples. Many of the wooden churches are painted white. The 1886 Wesley Brethren Church in Wesley is the oldest and most primitive of the Painted Churches in Texas. It was a former school house. The 1913 Church of the Guardian Angel in Wallis, Texas was the last painted church built in Texas. In 1984, fifteen of these churches were added to the National Register of Historic Places. Five of the painted churches are located in Fayette County and five are located in Lavaca County. The most famous of the painted churches are the High Hill, Ammannsville, Dubina and Praha churches in Fayette County. All four of these churches are beautifully painted, and all are located within a short distance of each other. The Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce offers tours of these four churches. Call (866) 504-5294 for a tour. The majority of the painted churches offer regular mass or church services. Photos  
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, 1918, Sweet Home:
The architect and painter are unknown. Vincent Falbo was the building contractor; M. Deodati was the associate contractor. Falbo and Deodati later built the Saints Cyril and Methodius Church in nearby Shiner. The building has a massive truncated tower projecting forward from the front entrance; the exterior is constructed of red brick. The church is owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Victoria (P.O. Box 4708, Victoria, 77903). The church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (361) 741-3206.The church is located at 7372 FM 531, Sweet Home, 77987. Mass & Confession Schedule      
Historic Bennett Cemetery, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Stephen Bennett (1789-1874), a veteran of the War of 1812, and his wife Mary Ann "Polly" Breazeal Bennett (1798-1877), were born in South Carolina and lived many years in Alabama. They led a wagon train to Washington County in the Republic of Texas about 1841. They soon relocated to a part of Gonzales County which later became Lavaca County. Stephen Bennett became a successful farmer and prominent citizen. The first burial on this site is believed to have taken place in 1846 when Stephen and Polly Bennett buried their oldest daughter, Sarah Bennett (1819-1846). Other family members, friends and neighbors had been buried here by 1871 when the Bennetts deeded one acre of their homestead to their seven surviving children for use as a burial ground. The oldest marked burials are those of Lucy L. Dyer (1830-1873) and William M. McMurrey (1806-1873). The Bennett children left their mark on Lavaca County as prominent physicians, cattlemen, soldiers, county officials, Masons and teachers. After the youngest daughter, Mary A. Bennett McCutcheon, died in 1884, the family land was passed to her two sons, Willis McCutcheon, Jr., and B.B. McCutcheon. They later sold a portion of the family land, legally setting aside two and one-half acres for the cemetery. The last known Bennett relative to be buried here was William L. Tolleson (1851-1915). The last known interment on this site took place in 1977. The graveyard also has been known as Pioneer Cemetery, McCutcheon Cemetery, Sweet Home (City) Cemetery, and Bennett-Tolleson Pioneer Cemetery.” The cemetery is located on FM 531, 1 mile north of town.
Sweet Home Hall, 1949, Sweet Home, Texas:
In 1949 the Kutac family donated two acres of land to S.P.J.S.T. Lodge #63. The lodge built the Hall. The floor was built using materials from the1887 Old Wagon Wheel. In 1958, the Sweet Home Fire Department purchased the hall. The 1967 Hurricane Beulah demolished all but the floor. The fire department rebuilt the hall, and offers live music (polkas, country western, rock & roll and more) and dancing, bingo Monday through Friday at 7:30pm, and hall rentals. It also hosts special events, such as a Turkey Shoot, Live music and dinner, and many festivals offering live music, dancing, and dinner. Many famous artists have played here including Bob Wills, Joe Patek, and the Worthing Brass Band. (361) 293-5479. The dance hall is located near Sweet Home on CR 318. Email  Live Music & Dance Schedule  Events  Bingo Info  Special Events Schedule 
Turner Hall in Pearl City:
The Texas Heritage Music & Dance Club (Modern Dance Club #90) holds six dances each year at Turner Hall including the annual “Night in Old Pearl City” dance and dinner. The dance club also hosts dancing lessons at the hall, and hosts dances at other Texas dance halls. Club memberships cost $1 per month per person. Turner Hall is located at the intersection of SH 111 and FM 951 in Pearl City (population approximately 4), approximately 5 miles west of Yoakum (past the little town of Peterson), 3 miles east of Hochheim, 20 miles southeast of Gonzales, and 19 miles north of Cuero. Contacts
Appelt Hill Gun Club, 1882, Hallettsville:
This gun club was formerly known as Appelt’s Hill Schutzen Verein. The present hall was built in 1909. Annual shooting tournaments include the May Fest on the 3rd Sunday in May, and the King Shoot on the 3rd Sunday in October. Activities at these tournaments include division shoots, raffles, a cakewalk, and lunch. The club is currently used for public dances. The hall is available for public and private events.(361) 772-8575. It is located at the intersection of Appelt’s Hill Road and CR 204.
Annual Sweet Home Czech Fest, Oct:
Activities include old fashioned sausage picnic stew with all the sides, live music, and a dance from 2pm-6pm. An admission fee applies. (361) 293-5479. This event is held at Sweet Home (Dance) Hall on CR 318. Email  Annual Czech Festivals & Church Picnics
Annual Sweet Home Polka & Chicken Fest, Third Sunday in July:
Activities include a lunch of BBQ chicken and sides, and dancing from 12 noon-6pm. (361) 293-5479. This event is held at Sweet Home (Dance) Hall on CR 118. Email  Annual Czech Festivals & Church Picnics
Annual Sweet Home Czech Fest, Oct:
Activities include old fashioned sausage picnic stew with all the sides, live music, and a dance from 2pm-6pm. An admission fee applies. (361) 293-5479. This event is held at Sweet Home (Dance) Hall on CR 318. Email  Annual Czech Festivals & Church Picnics
Annual "A Night in Old Pearl City (at Turner Hall)," Nov, Pearl City, TX:
Pearl City was named in by Walter Hagens, owner of the only store in town, and R.J. Eilinger, the local Pearl beer distributor. They chose the name based on the popularity of the beer and the amount consumed in Hagen’s store. The City of Yoakum Tourism Board hosts the annual “Night in Old Pearl City.” Proceeds benefit the Yoakum Community Hospital and the Yoakum Community Fire Department. This event is held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in conjunction with the annual Yoakum Heritage Museum’s Craft and Hobby Show which is held in the old schoolhouse adjacent to Pearl City’s Turner Hall. Event activities include a Lutheran Polka Worship Service at 3pm at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Yoakum, and tours of the Yoakum Heritage Museum and the Christmas tree Forest, tours of Pearl City sites, dinner, a silent auction, and a dance and door prizes at Turner Hall. Turner Hall is located at the intersection of SH 111 and FM 951 in Pearl City (population approximately 4), approximately 5 miles west of Yoakum (past the little town of Peterson), 3 miles east of Hochheim, 20 miles southeast of Gonzales, and 19 miles north of Cuero. Contacts change annually. Check current contact at the above link, or call the Yoakum Chamber of Commerce at (316) 293-2309, or Yoakum City Hall at (361) 293-6321.
Palmetto State Park Information:
This 270 acre park is named for the stand of tropical dwarf palmetto plants (Sabal minor) found here.  The park is located on the San Marcos River northwest of Gonzales, and southeast of Luling.198 acres of the original Ottine Swamp were purchased by the state in 1933. The park opened to the public in 1936. The park features beautiful stone buildings constructed by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). The CCC, one of FDR's New Deal programs, put unemployed young men to work on construction projects across the U.S. Park habitat consists of cypress and hardwood trees (some draped with Spanish moss), an artesian well and pond, and a 4 acre oxbow lake. Insect repellent is often needed. Park entrance and camping fees apply. For more park information watch the Park Video, and go to the Palmetto State Park Home Page. From Gonzales take U.S. 183 10 miles northwest to FM 1586. Travel 2 miles west on FM 1586, then go south on Park Road 11.
Hunt Texas Online Connection:
More than 95% of Texas land is privately owned, making it hard for hunters to find affordable hunting opportunities. The Texas Parks and Wildlife has a huge public hunting program, and has developed a new service to help hunters find hunting places. This new service is provided free by the TPWD. It allows landowners to list available hunting leases or spots that have opened up, and allows hunters to find private hunting leases according to their preferences. 
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Learn to Camp at Texas Parks & Wildlife State Parks' Outdoor Family Camping Workshops:
Theseworkshops are family camping sessions designed to teach camping skills to those who do not know how to camp; everything is provided from tent to broom. Gear includes a coffee pot, dishes, cooking pots, a camp stove, a battery operated fan and lantern, air mattresses, and a tent. Basic skills taught include pitching a tent, making a campfire, cooking on a propane camp stove, geocaching and using a GPS. Wildlife viewing, fishing and kayaking are available depending on the park and its facilities. After making reservations, families will be sent a packet of information which includes a grocery list. Those interested in this program may sign up for E-Mail Updates on Currently Scheduled Workshops. (512) 389-8903. Calendar