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2010 Census - 4,987
2000 Census - 4,727
McGregor, Texas
McGregor Texas History:
The town was established in 1882 at the intersection of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe and the Texas and St. Louis railways. It was initially called McGregor Springs in honor of Dr. Gregor McGregor who donated the railroad right-of-way. Excursion trains brought prospective settlers to view the town. The first town lots were sold in September 1882. Many residents from nearby communities moved to McGregor to be closer to the railroad. In 1882, the community of Banks moved their post office to McGregor. McGregor became a shipping and commercial center for area farmers and ranchers. By 1890, it had 774 residents. McGregor had only a slight drop in population during the Great Depression. During World War II the construction of the U.S. Army’s Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant on 18,000 acres just southwest of town provide jobs and an economic boost to the town. Within six months the population swelled to more than 6,000. When the plant closed after the war, the population fell back to approximately 2,000 residents. McGregor is located just southwest of Hogg Creek at the intersection of U.S. 84 and SH 317, 27.7 miles southeast of Clifton, 34 miles south of Laguna Park and Lake Whitney, 18 miles southwest of Waco, 16.4 miles northwest of Lorena, 28 miles slightly northwest of Temple, 10.5 miles northwest of Moody, 29 miles slightly northeast of Belton, 46 miles northeast of Killeen via Belton, and 20 miles east of Gatesville, Texas.  
"The Grove," Texas History, 1859-1972:
The town was established in 1859 and named for a grove of oak trees. It was initially named Morrison Grove. The Grove post office opened in 1874. In the mid-1880s, the town had three general stores, a mill and a cotton gin, four churches including a Wend Lutheran church, and 150 residents. The town shipped cotton, grains and hides. In 1900, the town was one of the most prosperous in the county. After being bypassed by SH 36 in the 1940s, the town began to decline. Some area farmers were forced to relocate when Fort Hood was established in the early 1940s, and when Belton Dam was built in 1953. The last business closed in the early 1970s. The Grove is located just south of SH 36 at the intersection of CR 356 and FM 1114, 16 miles southeast of Gatesville, 18 miles southwest of McGregor, 9 miles southwest of Moody, and 16 miles northwest of Temple and Belton, Texas.  "The Grove," Texas Map  "The Grove" Texas Area Map 
"The Grove," Texas, 2012:
In 1972, The Grove owners W.J. and Martha Dube sold the town to antique dealer Moody Anderson. The sale included the old general store, post office, saloon, sheriff’s office, blacksmith shop and the working water well. Anderson restored the town and filled the buildings with antiques. The general store is filled from the floor to the tin pressed ceiling with antique farm implements, lanterns, patent medicines and other artifacts. Moody rented the contents for use as props in movies. Items from The Grove were used in the movies “Lonesome Dove” and the “Alamo.” In 2010, the then 82 year old Anderson sold the store to Fran Moyer, the granddaughter of W.J. and Martha Dube. When Anderson owned the town it became a spontaneous live music venue attracting over 400 visitors each weekend. Bands played on the front porch. Visitors danced on a paved dance floor and spent time at the Cocklebur Saloon where they were invited to BYOB. Activities were free but donations were accepted.
McGregor Depot & Amtrak Station:
The station is unstaffed. The caretaker opens the waiting area one hour before the train arrives, and closes it 30 minutes after the train departs. The station has A/C and heat and restrooms. The station is located at the intersection of SH 317 North and Northeast 1st Street.  
Spradley Telephone Museum:
The museum displays telephone equipment dating back to the late 1800s, including several hundred telephones and a replica of the original Alexander Graham Bell telephone. It is operated by Moe Spradley, a 40 year Southwestern\ Bell employee, and is located adjacent to his house. (254) 840-3482. 921 W. 3rd Street.
McGinley Memorial Library in the Historic Ritz Theater:
The library provides traditional library programs, children, youth and adult programs, summer programs, public access computers with internet connections, and free Wi-Fi. The balcony section of the library displays movie memorabilia. Open Tue-Fri, 12 noon-5pm; Sat, 9am-1pm. (254) 840-3732. 317 Main Street.