Gulf Coast
2010 Census - 26,849
2000 Census - 27,022
Lake Jackson, Texas
Lake Jackson Texas History: Lake Jackson Texas History:
Lake Jackson was built in 1940's as a planned community to support the Dow Chemical Company's Plant. The town was named after a nearby oxbow lake. The street plan is unusual as the streets follow a winding pattern. This winding pattern allowed the original streets to remain in place, and repaved as necessary. All streets radiating from downtown end in the word Way. There is an intersection of two streets named "This Way" and "That Way." Another intersection is located at That Way and Any Way Streets. A small church near Bess Brannen Elementary has a small sign in their driveway named "His Way." Most streets not ending in Way are named after some form of flora. All this winding and funny names came from a bet Dow had with a friend that he couldn't make the streets as strange as possible. Oyster Creek winds through town; the town is located by Lake Jackson Lake. It is the birthplace of Tejano singer Selena, and is the hometown of Country music singers Cole and Shade Deggs from Cole Deggs & the Lonesome. Lake Jackson is located adjacent to Richwood, and Clute on SH 288 on the Brazos River, 10 miles south of Angleton, 10 miles slightly southeast of Brazoria, 8 miles northwest of Freeport, 14 miles northwest of Quintana, and 12 miles northwest of Surfside, Texas.
Brazosport Area of Cities, 50 Miles South of Houston:
Clute, Freeport, Jones Creek, Lake Jackson, Oyster Creek, Quintana, Richwood, and Surfside Beach make up this area of cities. They are located at the mouth of the Brazos and San Bernard Rivers, and together have approximately 44 miles of sandy beaches. Industries include chemical manufacturing, petro-chemical processing, a variety of other manufacturing industries, deep water port activities, sports and commercial fishing, and tourism. These towns are very close together, so whether you are planning to visit or move to one of these towns, it is important to read and research each one of them. Limiting yourself to the activities, and cultural or outdoor offerings of one of these towns, would be similar to isolating yourself in the neighborhood you live in. The major beaches in the area are Bryan, Quintana, and Surfside Beaches. Two other nearby towns are Angleton and Sweeny. (979) 285-2501.
Southern Brazoria County Transit System:
This system operates with Lake Jackson, Clute, Freeport and Angleton, and provides connections between the four towns. (800) 266-2320. (409) 945-0820. The system operates Mon-Fri, 6am-6pm, and during summers.