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Nassau Bay, Texas
Nassau Bay Texas History:
Prior to the construction of the Johnson Space Center, Nassau Bay was ranchland. Nassau Bay was developed to provide a community for astronauts, space professionals and their families. In 2005, the city dedicated a serpentine wall of black granite featuring the flags of all the nations participating in the International Space Station. The striking monument is on NASA Parkway in the median between NASA and the city. Nassau Bay is located on Clear Lake, adjacent to the Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston on FM 270 and NASA Parkway, 27.3 miles southeast of Houston, 21.5 miles southeast of Pasadena, 2.4 miles southeast of Clear Lake City, 12.3 miles southwest of La Porte, 4.7 miles north of League City, 5 miles southwest of Seabrook, 6.7 miles west of Kemah, 23.6 miles northwest of Texas City, and 31 miles northwest of Galveston, Texas.
Space Center Houston at the Johnson Space Center:
Space Center Houston is the visitor center for the Johnson Space Center. The sites latest feature opened in 2016 - the replica of the Space Shuttle “Independence” (formerly named Explorer) is a full scale replica of the shuttle. It was originally installed at the Kennedy Space Center. It was moved to the Johnson Space Center dock on Clear Lake in 2012, and has been installed on top of an original NASA 905 shuttle carrier aircraft that was used to ferry space shuttle orbiters from landing sites back to the Kennedy Space Center launch complex. Visitors can tour the replica shuttle and the plane. Space Center Houston offers a five hour NASA Tram Tour featuring visits to the historic restored Mission Control Center (used for first moon landings), the Space Vehicle Mockup facility (current Mission Control Center), and the Saturn V Complex at Rocket Park. Occasionally the tour may include visits to other facilities, such as the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. The Living Space Module simulates being in space. An audience volunteer enters the capsule and demonstrates performing small tasks. The 24 task trainers use computer technology to provide visitors with the experience of landing the orbiter, retrieving a satellite or exploring the shuttle systems. The Northrop Grumman Theater houses the world's best collection of spacesuits, and portraits and crew photos of all the astronauts who have flown in space. The Space Center Theater film details the history of the space program, and the evolution of the equipment and astronaut training. In the Blast Off Theater, visitors experience the thrill of launching into space like a real astronaut; it is IMAX in 10D. After the blast off experience and docking at the International Space Station, visitors enter the Blastoff Theater and receive an update on current shuttle missions, astronaut training activities, and details on the exploration of Mars. Artifact collections include an original model of the Goddard Rocket, the Mercury Atlas 9 "Faith 7" capsule flown by Gordon Cooper, the Gemini V Spacecraft piloted by Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper, a Lunar Roving Vehicle Trainer, the Apollo 17 Command Module, the giant Skylab Trainer, and the Apollo-Soyuz Trainer. The Kid’s Space Place features interactive exhibits and a themed area for children. The Space Center also offers the Level 9 behind the scenes tour where visitors are able to access areas that are inaccessible on the tram tour. The center offers school day tours and school camp-ins, distance programs for students in schools located out of the Houston area, home schooling programs, teachers programs, day camps, a 5 day Space School program, and special events throughout the year. Restaurants include Starbucks, the Zero- G Diner, the Blast-Off Bistro's deli, South of the Martian Border Mexican restaurant, the Moon Wok Asian restaurant, and the Solar Salad. The Launch Foods sells hamburgers and related items, and the Space Cadets caterers to children. The Johnson Space Center’s traveling exhibits program includes spacecraft models, displays, and spacesuits. These space artifacts are available for use by organizations and museums. Individual, family and group tickets and annual memberships are available. (281) 244-2100. 1601 NASA Parkway, Houston 77058. From Houston, take IH-45 south towards Galveston. Exit NASA Road. Go east on NASA Road 1 approximately 6 miles. Turn left onto Saturn Boulevard and drive to the Johnson Space Center Gate. The Center is located just west of Clear Lake, Texas.  Email