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2010 Census - Unknown
2000 Census - 125
McMahan, Texas
McMahan Texas History:
In 1830, German immigrant Ambrose Tinney paid approximately nine cents an acre for his Tinney Creek land grant. In the 1830s the settlements of Wild Cat and Whizzerville were established on the land grant. Wildcat consisted of a store and saloon on Tinney Creek. Whizzerville had a saloon on the opposite side of Tinney Creek. Other settlers began arriving in 1840, including the Flemings from Tennessee and the Hutchesons from Alabama. Mississippians Jesse, Matthew and John Jeffrey arrived in 1853. In the 1880s, A.W. Parker constructed a cotton gin. In 1890, former Mississippian Ed McMahan and Frank Blundell opened a general store, S.C. Cole established a blacksmith shop, and Richard Cole built a grist mill. Shortly thereafter, Record Pague established a second general store, Sam Robertson opened a drugstore and Jimmy Jeffrey opened his barbershop which still stands today. In 1880, a one room schoolhouse was built a mile east of town on La Grande Road. Later, a two room school was built with a round roof. It became known as the Round Top School and was later destroyed in a storm. In 1890, McMahan had one of the best amateur baseball teams in the state. On April 28, 1900, the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention was organized at the Round Top School. The convention became an annual spring event that attracted visitors from around the state. Through 2008, it continued to meet every fall and spring at the Primitive Baptist Church. Postal authorities granted a post office in 1898, but rejected the name Whizzerville because it was too long. Residents then chose McMahan in honor of general store owner Edward J. McMahan. McMahan is pronounced McMan; the “h” is silent. The first postmaster was R.W. (Bob) McMahan. By 1914, the McMahan community had two general stores and seventy-five residents. Much of the local economy was based on goats, cattle, sorghum, and cotton. The Women’s Home Demonstration Club was established in approximately 1926, and it continues to operate. The club built a clubhouse which is now the McMahan Community Center and is used for community events. The town hosts an annual 4th of July parade. McMahan’s population was estimated at 200 in the late 1920s. It fell to approximately 100 during the Great Depression, and rose to 250 in the 1940s. In the early 1960s the McMahan post office was discontinued, and the population fell to 125. Today Whizzerville Hall (pizza, beer and live music) is housed in the old post office building located adjacent to the Jeffrey Barbershop (now closed). The R & D Barbeque restaurant is housed in an old general store across the street from Whizzerville Hall and just west of the deserted gas station. The restaurant houses the local museum items. Both restaurants are owned by Jeffrey descendent Roy Jeffrey. McMahan is located on Tinney Creek at the intersection of FM 713 and FM 86, 26 miles southwest of Bastrop, 29 miles southwest of Smithville, 13.4 miles southwest of Rockne, 10 miles southwest of Red Rock, 11.4 miles slightly southeast of Lockhart, 23 miles northwest of Ottine Texas and Palmetto State Park, and 14.6 miles northeast of Luling, Texas.
1852 Primitive Baptist Church History:
In 1819, the Bethel Church was established in the Alabama home of Jeremiah Jeffrey. Thomas Baines, one of the founding elders, is the great grandfather of the late President LBJ. Jeremiah Jeffrey, his son John B. Jeffrey, and other church members moved to McMahan in the 1850s. Jeremiah died in route to Texas. In 1852, the Alabama contingent and the members of McMahan’s Plum Creek Church formed the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in the McMahan home of John M. Fleming. Several church buildings were built before the 1901 wooden church was built. In 1952, that building was moved and converted into a lunch room. The current church was built on the original church site. The nearby cemetery was established in 1847. For years, the church hosted the annual spring Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Singing Convention. From McMahan take FM 713 West 5 miles. The church is located adjacent to Jeffrey Cemetery. Email
Historic Jeffrey Cemetery, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Tennessee native Abraham Roberts wed Cynthia Jeffrey in Alabama in 1828. The couple arrived in Seguin, Texas ten years later with their family. In 1840, Roberts purchased land on Tinney Creek in what was then Gonzales County. He and other area residents petitioned the Texas legislature to create a new county, which was formed in 1847 and named Caldwell. That year the Roberts family made the first burial on family property when granddaughter Martha Ellison died while visiting them. The family and local residents soon began using this site as a community burial ground. There are conflicting stories about the origins of the cemetery name and about which family gave the land for the site, but a 1921 deed cited acreage conveyed earlier to a cemetery association. In 1938, the community officially adopted the name Jeffrey Cemetery and elected officers to a board of trustees. Today, an association maintains the site and continues traditional homecomings for families and friends of those buried here. Among the several hundred graves are the names of veterans of military service dating to the U.S.-Mexican War, as well as generations of area residents.” From McMahan take FM 713 West 5 miles. The cemetery is located adjacent to the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church. 
Whizzerville Hall & Restaurant, McMahan, TX:
This restaurant is located in the old gas station building and is owned by Roy and Grace Jeffrey. The east exterior building wall features the original pressed tin. The interior of the building retains many of its original features including wood floors, walls and ceiling. The walls of the main room are lined with photos and lighted beer signs. A small room at the back near the stairs is lined with old square and round beer coasters. Whizzerville Hall serves pizza and beer, and hosts live music and dancing most Saturday nights. Dine in or Carry out. Open Wed-Thu, 11am-8pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-Midnight; Sun, 11am-8pm. (512) 398-4601. The restaurant is located at 6320 FM 713, east of SH 85, and across the street from R & G Barbeque. Email  McMahan Texas Area Map
R & G Barbecue, McMahan, TX:
The neat, funky restaurant is owned by Roy and Grace Jeffrey. They serve hamburgers, brisket, sausage, beans, potato salad, and sometimes chili. The restaurant is located in the old general store which features pressed tin on the building façade, the original gold colored pressed tin ceiling, a wood burning stove, and wall shelves displaying historic photos and artifacts, and framed newspaper articles depicting the town’s history and activities. Open Wednesday through Saturday until 3pm. The restaurant is open later on Fridays when area residents gather in the store to visit and play 42 (dominoes).(512) 398-7276. The restaurant is located at the intersection of FM 713 and Whizzerville Road, a short distance east of SH 85. Reviews