Gulf Coast
2010 Census - 2,020
2000 Census - 2,130
Jones Creek, Texas
Village of Jones Creek Texas History:
A community was established in the area in the 1820s by Anglo-American families, including some of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred colonists who established huge plantations in the area. The Peach Point Plantation was established in 1832 by James Franklin Perry and his wife, Emily Austin Bryan Perry, sister of Stephen F. Austin who considered the plantation to be his only Texas Home. After Austin’s death in West Columbia, he was transported to Peach Point and buried in the Gulf Prairie Cemetery in current day Jones Creek. In 1910 his body was reinterred in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, Texas. Early settlers planted cotton. Plantation life ended after the Civil War causing the community to cease growing. Jones Creek was revitalized when it became part of the Brazosport industrial and port area in 1949. By 1956 Jones Creek had 2,851 residents and 9 businesses. By 1957 the community included Perry’s Landing, Peach Point, Peach Crest, and Gulf Park, a residential area established in 1927 by Robert E.L. Stringfellow and George Maercky of the Freeport Sulphur Company. Jones Creek incorporated in 1970. In 1972 the population was 1,268, and the town had two churches, several buildings, and scattered dwellings. The 2010 census was 2020. Jones Creek is located on the northern boundary of the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge on SH 36, 13.6 miles northwest of Surfside Beach, 11 miles northwest of Quintana, 7.6 miles northwest of Freeport, 21 miles southwest of Angleton, 14.6 miles southwest of Richwood, 14 miles (by road) southwest of Lake Jackson, 12.2 miles southwest of Clute, 11.2 miles southwest of Oyster Creek, and 10 miles southeast of Brazoria, Texas.
Brazosport Area of Cities, 50 Miles South of Houston:
Clute, Freeport, Jones Creek, Lake Jackson, Oyster Creek, Quintana, Richwood, and Surfside Beach make up this area of cities. They are located at the mouth of the Brazos and San Bernard Rivers, and together have approximately 44 miles of sandy beaches. Industries include chemical manufacturing, petro-chemical processing, a variety of other manufacturing industries, deep water port activities, sports and commercial fishing, and tourism. These towns are very close together, so whether you are planning to visit or move to one of these towns, it is important to read and research each one of them. Limiting yourself to the activities, and cultural or outdoor offerings of one of these towns, would be similar to isolating yourself in the neighborhood you live in. The major beaches in the area are Bryan, Quintana, and Surfside Beaches. Two other nearby towns are Angleton and Sweeny. (979) 285-2501.
Historic Peach Point Plantation:
Peach Point Plantation was settled in 1832 by James Franklin Perry and his wife, Emily Austin Bryan Perry, sister of Stephen F. Austin; Austin considered the plantation to be his only Texas home. Of all the property in his colony, Peach Point was Austin’s first choice of a homesite. As soon as his sister’s family arrived in Texas in 1831, Austin drew up suggested plans for the Perry’s home. In the construction at Peach Point, Perry followed many of Austin’s suggestions about materials and the design of the residence. In accordance with Austin’s later instructions, two rooms built at the east end of the house were set aside for his use as a bedroom and office. Austin also provided numerous seeds, slips, cuttings, and plants for the grounds. A 1909 hurricane destroyed the entire house except for Austin’s two rooms. By 1948 Austin’s rooms had deteriorated badly, so Perry descendants restored these rooms and furnished them with family heirlooms; the rooms are shown to visitors on special occasions. A new family residence was built at Perry Point in 1949; Perry family members still live there. The Gulf Prairie Cemetery is the original Peach Point Plantation cemetery. The plantation is located on SH 36, between the Village of Jones Creek and the Brazos River, ten miles south of Brazoria, Texas.
Historic Town of Gulf Prairie & Gulf Prairie Cemetery:
The cemetery is in the ghost town of Gulf Prairie, a settlement that predated the Texas Revolution. By the 1930s the community was settled by the Bryan, Perry, and Austin families; many of these family members are buried in the cemetery. Stephen Austin had been ill with malaria for several months when he died on December 27, 1836 in West Columbia after contacting pneumonia. He was originally buried in this cemetery. In 1910 his remains were later reinterred at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin. Gulf Prairie (originally spelled Gulph Prairie) had a post office from 1848 to 1866 and a school in 1906. The cemetery and church are all that remain today. The church still holds services.    
Brazoria Public Library, Brazoria, TX:
The library provides traditional library programs, children, youth and adult programs, summer programs, public access computers with internet connections, and free Wi-Fi. (979) 798-2372. 620 South Brooks Street.  Email 
Brazoria County Events Calendar
January 28, 2018
Annual Pie Day Contest, Late January:
Categories are fruit, cream, specialty, meringue, cheesecake, meat, children’s creation, and health. Between 8am and noon deliver your pies to the Jones Creek Baptist Church gym at 7334 SH 36. Pies will be judged. Return to the church from 2pm-4pm to east pie. (979) 233-2700.
April 6-7, 2018
Annual Jones Creek Village-Wide Garage Sale, April:
Register your garage sale and pay your $15 registration fee at city hall beginning 1 March. You will be given a Village Garage Sale yard sign and will be placed on the garage sale map. The city will advertise the garage sale. The registration deadline for getting on the map will be late March, though you may still register after that date. (979) 233-2700.
Annual Brazoria County Fair, Livestock Show & Rodeo, October:
Activities include live entertainment, a carnival, a BBQ cook-off, a livestock show and rodeo, auctions, a parade, pageants, contests, a pet parade, tricycle races, a youth horseshow, commercial exhibits, live music, a science fair and more. (979) 849-6416. This event is held at the Brazoria County Fair Grounds. 901 S. Downing Street, Angleton, Texas.

Varner Creek Winery, Angleton:
The produce elderberry, jalapeno, loquat and other wines, including meads made from honey. They are new and did not have a tasting room in spring 2018. They do wine tastings by appointment. (979) 236-0659. 1014 North Velasco, Angleton, Texas. 
Cedar Shack BBQ:
Good reviews in past two years. (979) 373-0078. 8126 SH 36, Jones Creek.  Reviews