Gulf Coast
2010 Census - 64,849
2000 Census - 57,564
Harlingen, Texas
Harlingen Texas History:
The town was founded in 1904 by Lon C. Hill on the north bank of the Arroyo Colorado. The post office was established the same year. He named the town after a city in Holland that featured a large number of canals. His belief was the Arroyo Colorado would become an important commercial waterway and make the town a major commercial center. He purchased farming land, built the region’s first gravity fed irrigation canals, and brought the first railroad to the valley. The town incorporated in 1910. During the early years Harlingen’s main industry was agriculture with major crops being vegetables and cotton. Today the major industries are tourism (birding), citrus, grains, and cotton. Harlingen is the 2nd largest city in Cameron County and the third largest city in the Rio Grande Valley after Brownsville and McAllen. Harlingen is located on U.S. 77 and U.S. 83, 35 miles east of McAllen, 39.6 miles southeast of Edinburg, 23 miles southeast of Raymondville, 40.7 miles northwest of South Padre Island, 26 miles northwest of Brownsville, and 4 miles northwest of San Benito, Texas.  
Port of Harlingen:
The port ships 100% of the sugar produced in the Rio Grande Valley, 90% of the fertilizer used by South Texas farmers, and 70% of South Texas’ refined petroleum. The Harlingen channel is maintained to a width of 125 feet and a depth of 12 feet. Its water source is the Arroyo Colorado, a fresh water river. (956) 423-0283. The port is located 4 miles east of Harlingen on FM 106, and 25 miles west of mile marker 646 on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. The port extends to the Port Isabel-San Benito Navigation District Port. The port is located four miles east of Harlingen on FM 106 at 24633 Port Road. Email  
Harlingen Veteran's Memorial at Pendleton Park:
The memorial honors all veterans. It was dedicated on November 11, 2012. Pavers may be purchased and dedicated to a friend, loved one or a group. Pavers are available at Ol’ Ds Soda Shop (105 West Jackson Street by the Rialto), City Hall (118 East Tyler Avenue), the Harlingen Public Library Lobby (410 “76” Drive), and at JaMar Printing (925 S. Sunshine Strip). Pendleton Park is located at the intersection of Morgan Boulevard and Grimes Street at 1427 Morgan Boulevard. Email