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Waco Lake
Waco Lake Information:
Construction of the original Lake Waco Dam on the Bosque River began in 1928, and lake impoundment began in 1929. Construction of a new dam began in 1958 and was completed in 1964. In 2003, impoundment began to raise the lake level 7 feet. Lake Waco has 60 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of 90 feet. The 180 acre Waco Wetlands is a partnership with the City of Waco and Baylor University. The Lake Waco Wetlands Research and Education Center offer environmental education and other community outreach programs. Seasonal county bird record sightings are done yearly. The lake is located within the city limits of Waco, Texas. From IH-35, exit on SH 6 and go west towards Meridian. SH 6 will take you directly across Waco Lake.
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Bosque River:
The river rises in four main branches, the North, East, Middle, and South Bosque Rivers. The North Bosque River, the longest branch of the river, rises in north central Erath County and flows through Hamilton County into Bosque County, where it is joined by the East Bosque River, which rises in Erath County. From their confluence the North Bosque continues into central McLennan County, where it is joined by the South and Middle Bosque rivers as it flows into Lake Waco located on the northwest edge of Waco, Texas. The Bosque River proper exits Lake Waco and flows south for four miles to its mouth on the Brazos River in Cameron Park within the city limits of Waco.  Bosque River Fish Stocking History 
Lake Waco Wetlands Research and Education Center, 180 Acres:
The wetlands were created on the North Bosque River to compensate for the wetlands lost when the lake was raised 7 feet in 2003. 300 acres of bottomland hardwoods and former pasture land on the south side of the North Bosque River have been flooded since 2001 to create a wetlands area. An aquatic plant nursery was established to grow native aquatic plants for planting in the wetlands. This area was leased for 25 years by the City of Waco as for use as multifunctional habitat mitigation, water purification, natural resource attraction, and for the establishment of the Lake Waco Wetlands Research and Education Center. Center facilities include a 1,500 research center, a 2,000 square foot nature center, and a 900 square foot indoor classroom equipped with donated scientific equipment. Wetlands amenities include 2.6 miles of trails and 3 elevated observation platforms. 140 species of birds have been sighted, including occasional roseate spoonbills and anhingas, and abundant numbers of ducks and geese.The Wetlands Center offers programs for area schools and universities. School groups, organizations and individual volunteers assist with annual fall and spring plantings. (254) 848-9654. 1752 Eichelberger Crossing Road, China Spring, Texas 76633. From IH-35 take SH 6 west. Continue for approximately ten miles to the intersection of SH 6 & FM 185. Turn right on FM 185 and continue for about one mile then turn left on Eichelberger Crossing Road. The Lake Waco Wetlands Research and Education Center will be on your right.  Wetlands Map   
Waco Lake Directions:
From IH-35, exit on SH 6 and go west towards Meridian. SH 6 will take you directly across Waco Lake.