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Twin Buttes Reservoir
Twin Buttes Reservoir Information:
The 9,080 surface acre Twin Buttes Reservoir was impounded on the Middle and South Concho Rivers in 1963. It has a maximum depth of 46 feet. Lake Nasworthy and Twin Buttes Reservoir are connected by an equalization channel. In 2010, the San Angelo Parks Department assumed the responsibility for the administration and operation of the parkland at Twin Buttes Reservoir. All of the property around Twin Buttes is accessible by foot, bicycle and horseback. The San Angelo Police Department patrols the lake. They sometimes lock the vehicular access gates for different reasons, such as rainfall or for security reasons.In 2014, the gates were located for the 4th of July. Camping is permitted at Marina Park. Park entry fees apply. Twin Buttes Reservoir is located west of Lake Nasworthy and southwest of San Angelo on the south side of U.S. 67. Current Lake Level  TPWD Public Access Facilities Map 
Concho River:
The Concho River rises in three branches known as the North Concho, the Middle Concho, and the South Concho. The North Concho, the main branch and a perennial stream, originates two miles north of the Glasscock County line in southern Howard County and flows southeast for eighty-eight miles across Glasscock, Sterling, Coke, and Tom Green Counties to its confluence with the South and Middle Concho rivers, a mile north of Goodfellow Air Force Base near San Angelo, Texas. The three forks become known as the Concho River at this juncture. The O. C. Fisher Dam forming O. C. Fisher Lake was completed on the North Concho in 1951. The Middle Concho rises in southern Sterling County and flows south and then east to Twin Buttes Reservoir southwest of San Angelo, and then flows to its mouth on Lake Nasworthy on the southwest side of San Angelo. The South Concho arises half a mile east of U.S. Highway 277 in central Schleicher County and flows north for thirty-six miles through the Twin Buttes Reservoir and Lake Nasworthy to its confluence with the North Concho River. The consolidated Concho River flows east for fifty-eight miles across Tom Green and Concho Counties to its mouth on the Colorado River, one-half mile west of the Coleman County line, and one mile south of the Runnels County line in eastern Concho County, east of Paint Rock. Paint Rock is located on the Concho River proper. The Simon W. Freeze Dam forming the O.H. Ivie Reservoir is located on the Colorado River, 16 miles below the confluence of the Colorado and Concho Rivers. Concho River Watershed Map  Fish Stocking History  South Concho River Fish Stocking History 
Marina Park:
This park permits camping. There are no restrooms. Two boat ramps are located off Marina Park Road. An entrance feel applies per vehicle. From U.S. 67 on the north side of the reservoir, take Buttes Marina Park Road south to the park.
Twin Buttes Boat Ramp:
Amenities include a one lane concrete boat ramp, courtesy docks, parking, picnicking and primitive camping. This site is managed by the City of San Angelo, and is located 12 miles southwest of San Angelo, and south of U.S. 67 on Twin Buttes Marina Park Road.(325) 657-4450.
12 Mile Boat Ramp:
Amenities include a one lane concrete boat ramp, a courtesy dock, picnic areas and primitive camping. Open year round; no fees apply. The boat ramp is located 12 miles southwest of San Angelo off U.S. 67 on Twin Buttes Marina Park Road. (325) 657-4450.
Equalization Channel Park:
Amenities include a two lane concrete boat ramp, a courtesy dock, picnic areas and primitive camping. Open year round; no fees apply. The park is located 3 miles west of southwest of San Angelo off Knickerbocker Road. (325) 657-4450.

Learn to Camp at Texas Parks & Wildlife State Parks' Outdoor Family Camping Workshops:
Theseworkshops are family camping sessions designed to teach camping skills to those who do not know how to camp; everything is provided from tent to broom. Gear includes a coffee pot, dishes, cooking pots, a camp stove, a battery operated fan and lantern, air mattresses, and a tent. Basic skills taught include pitching a tent, making a campfire, cooking on a propane camp stove, geocaching and using a GPS. Wildlife viewing, fishing and kayaking are available depending on the park and its facilities. After making reservations, families will be sent a packet of information which includes a grocery list. Those interested in this program may sign up for E-Mail Updates on Currently Scheduled Workshops. (512) 389-8903. Calendar
Birding - Heart of Texas West Birding Trail:
Concho Loop:San Angelo, Big Lake, Barnhart, Tankersley, Christoval, Paint Rock
Texas Bird Checklist with Photos
Bird Checklist for High Plains & Rolling Plains of Texas
Tom Green County Bird Checklist with Photos
Irion County Bird Checklist with Photos
Fishing Twin Buttes Reservoir:
Predominant fish species include largemouth bass, white fish, channel, flathead and blue catfish, and white crappie.Commercial maps may be available at sporting goods and tackle stores. Current Lake Level  Current Survey Report  Lake Records  Stocking History
TPWD Inland Fisheries Regional Office Certified Scales:
(915) 651-4846. 3407 B S. Chadbourne Street, San Angelo, Texas 76903.
ShareLunker Program, Largemouth Bass:
The ShareLunker program began in 1986 as a way to improve Texas’ largemouth bass population by selectively breeding trophy fish. It is limited to largemouth bass weighing 13 pounds or more. Fish must be weighted on certified or legal for trade scales. Possession of the live fish must be transferred to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department representative within 12 hours after capture. Since the program’s inception, more than 400 largemouth bass have been donated from 55 public reservoirs and more than a dozen private lakes. As the program grew it became apparent that a new fish hatchery that was specifically tailored to the program was needed. Specifications called for the facility to be built within 50 miles of Lake Fork, because the majority of big fish are caught there. In 1998 the Edwin L. Cox, Jr., Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas was completed. Call (903) 681-0550. 24 hour pager: 1-888-784-0600. Rules for Certified Hand Held Scales
Hunting is by shotgun and bow and arrow. Game species include white-tailed deer, dove, and waterfowl. (325) 481-2621.   Hunting Area Map 
Hunt Texas Online Connection:
More than 95% of Texas land is privately owned, making it hard for hunters to find affordable hunting opportunities. The Texas Parks and Wildlife has a huge public hunting program, and has developed a new service to help hunters find hunting places. This new service is provided free by the TPWD. It allows landowners to list available hunting leases or spots that have opened up, and allows hunters to find private hunting leases according to their preferences. 
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