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Stillhouse Hollow Lake
Stillhouse Hollow Lake Information:
The 6,430 surface acre Stillhouse Hollow Lake was formerly named Lampasas Lake. It was constructed for flood control, water conservation, fish and wildlife habitat, and general recreation. Dam construction on the Lampasas River began in June 1962, 16 miles upstream from the confluence of the Lampasas and Leon Rivers. Construction was completed in July 1968, for a cost of $24,507,000. Deliberate impoundment began in February 1968. It has 58 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of 107 feet. Several U.S. Army Engineer Corps WMAs provide public hunting opportunities including the Union Grove, Gravel Crossing, Youngsport, Twin Creek, Trimmer Creek, and 7-Gates WMAs. Public recreation amenities include parks, marinas, boat ramps and trails. Volunteer positions are available. The lake is located in Lampasas County on FM 1670, 2 miles south of U.S. 290, 5 miles southwest of Belton, and a short distance from Killeen, Texas.  
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Lampasas River: 
The Lampasas River is located in the Brazos River basin. It rises in western Hamilton County sixteen miles west of Hamilton, Texas and flows southeast for seventy-five miles, passing through Lampasas, Burnet, and Bell Counties. In Bell County the river turns northeast and is dammed five miles southwest of Belton to form Stillhouse Hollow Lake (formerly the Lampasas Reservoir), then it continues for nine miles to its mouth on the Leon River, where the two rivers combine to form the Little River, four miles southeast of Belton, Texas. Bennett, Lucy, Sulphur, Simms, School, and Turkey Creeks empty into the Lampasas River. The river name may have been borrowed from that of the Mexican town of Lampazos, since the stream was first known to Spaniards in 1721, when the Aquayo Expedition crossed it at its confluence with other streams that form the Little River. Towns located on the river include Adamsville, Rumley, Kempner and Oakalla, Texas. Edna, Texas is located near the river.  Lampasas River Fish Stocking History