Gulf Coast
2010 Census - Unknown
2000 Census - 3,075
El Lago, Texas

El Lago Texas History:
El Lago was established in the 1950s on one of the site of one of the former hide outs of famed pirate and war hero Jean Lafitte. It incorporated in 1961. It had rapid growth during the 1960s and 1970s due to the influx of workers from the Johnson Space Center. El Lago is located on the north shore of Clear Lake at the intersection if SH 146, and Nasa Parkway. It borders the City of Seabrook to the east, the lake of Clear Lake to the south, and Taylor Lake to the west. It is located on NASA Parkway, 33.6 miles southeast of Houston, 8 miles northeast of League City, 5.5 miles northeast of Clear Lake City, 4.5 miles northeast of Nassau Bay, 5 miles northwest of Clear Lake Shores, and 29.5 miles northwest of Galveston, Texas.  
El Lago Resident Vehicle Stickers:
Free vehicle stickers are available to residents at El Lago City Hall, 98 Lakeshore Drive. During hurricanes and other emergencies, police use these stickers to restrict El Lago access to vehicles that do not belong in the area.