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2010 Census - 13,639
2000 Census - 3,664
Eagle Lake, Texas
Eagle Lake Texas History:
The lake was named in 1821 by William W. Little and James Beard, two of Stephen F. Austin’s scouts, when one of them killed an eagle on the lake and called the water Laguna del Aguila; the town was named after the lake. In 1838, Patrick Reels was given a land grant on the shores of Eagle Lake. In 1856, Reel’s heirs sold most of the land to Gamaliel Good who deeded 600 acres to DeWitt Clinton Harris, a director of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railroad. Good and Harris planned the town as a new station on the railroad which built through to Eagle Lake in 1859. Later, four other railroads served Eagle Lake, allowing for the shipment of farm crops and gravel. The town incorporated in 1888. After the Civil War, Capt. William Dunovant built a sugar mill and introduced sugar cane as an area crop; in 1896 he began cultivating rice using irrigated lake water. Later oil and gas production contributed to the economy. In the 1960s, Eagle Lake became a popular duck and geese hunting area. Area farmers began planting hundreds of wildflowers in the 1880s. Today Eagle Lake is a cattle ranching and agricultural area. The main crops are rice, cotton, grains and vegetables; rice is the primary crop. The City of Eagle Lake is located east of the Colorado River on the lake named Eagle Lake; below the lake is a lake called Lower Lake. The lakes are privately owned; the Wintermann Company owns the bottom of the lakes, the LCRA owns the water, and the Eagle Lake Rod & Gun Club owns the surface of the lakes; the lakes are leased for hunting and fishing. The town is located on Eagle Lake at the intersections of U.S. 90A, FM 102 and FM 3013, 40 miles southeast of Schulenburg, 20 miles southeast of Columbus, 22.5 miles southwest of San Felipe, 19 miles southwest of San Felipe, 8 miles northeast of Altair, 33 miles northwest of Wharton, and 39 miles northeast of Hallettsville, Texas.
Historic Eagle Lake, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Named for lake where in 1821 exploring party of Stephen F. Austin killed an eagle. In 1851 resident Gamaliel Good started a Houston-to- San Antonio stage line with lakeside headquarters. In 1856, with D.W.C. Harris, Good platted Eagle Lake townsite. The Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Railroad reached here in 1859. Early a cattle and farm market; after 1898 had a rice production; later ranked as oil center and shipper of sand and gravel. Now fishing and goose hunting Mecca. Home town of Gen. H.H. Johnson (born in 1895), military governor of Rome, Italy, in the 1940s. “ The marker is located at Main and McCarty Streets.
Historic Eagle Lake Downtown District:
The downtown historic district consists of approximately 10 blocks of commercial development with 35 buildings dating from the early 1900s to the late 1950s. Buildings include the 1912 Farris Hotel, 1935 Meitzen Garage, 1926 City Hall/Fire Station, 1890 Southern Pacific Depot, and the 1907 Gotlieb Hermann building. This district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 1926 City Hall & Fire Station