Live Oak, McMullen
South Texas Plains
Choke Canyon Reservoir
Choke Canyon Reservoir Information:
The 141 foot tall Choke Canyon Dam was built in 1981 and 1982. The 25,670 surface acre Choke Canyon Reservoir was impounded on the Frio River in 1982. The lake has a maximum depth of 95.5 feet. The lake is owned by the Bureau of Reclamation. It is one of the City of Corpus Christi’s water sources and is managed by the city. The lake is located four miles west of Three Rivers, and 65 miles south of San Antonio, Texas.
Choke Canyon Reservoir Area Map
Choke Canyon Reservoir TPWD Public Access Facilities Map
Current Choke Canyon Reservoir Level
Frio River:
The Frio River has three prongs, the East Frio River, the West Frio River which arises from springs in northeastern Real County, and the Dry Frio River. The East and West Rivers join near Leakey, Texas. The Dry Frio joins these two joined prongs northeast of Uvalde. The Main Frio River flows past Garner State Park, past Concan (the most frequently paddled section ends in Concan), then flows to central Live Oak County where it is impounded to form the Choke Canyon Reservoir. The Frio River then joins the Atascosa River three miles north of Three Rivers. The combined Frio and Atascosa Rivers join the Nueces River south of Three Rivers. The Leona River rises north of Uvalde and enters the Frio River six miles north of Dilley, Texas. The Frio River was named Frio because the spring fed river is quite cold. Leakey, Concan and Rio Frio, Texas are in the Frio River Canyon.  Frio River Fish Stocking History 
San Miguel Creek:
The creek rises at the Frio-Medina County line in eastern Frio County. It flows 66 miles through Atascosa and McMullen Counties to its mouth on the Choke Canyon Reservoir in McMullen county. 
Atascosa River:
The river rises in two branches known as the North and West Prongs. The North Prong rises 4 miles west of Atascosa (slightly north of Lytle) and flows south for 6 miles. The West Prong rises a mile west of Lytle and flows southwest for 4 miles. The two prongs flow together 2 miles southeast of Lytle to form the Atascosa River proper. From this point, the river flows 92 miles southeast through Atascosa County and Live Oak County where it drains into the Frio River three miles northwest of Three Rivers.  Fish Stocking History