Lake Nacogdoches
Lake Nacogdoches Information:
The lake was impounded on Loco Bayou in 1976. It has a maximum depth of 40 feet. Parks are located on the east and west sides of the lake. The lake is very popular for its largemouth bass, crappie, and sunfish fishing. The record bass was just over 14 pounds. The lake is operated by the City of Nacogdoches. (936) 564-3708. Lake Nacogdoches is just north of FM 225, approximately 9 miles west of Nacogdoches.
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Lake Nacogdoches West Side Park & Disc Golf Course, 40 Acres:
Amenities include three reservable picnic pavilions, picnic areas and BBQ grills, a swimming area, a playground, a 0.67 mile nature trail, a disc golf course, restrooms, ADA compliant fishing and boat docks, and a single lane boat ramp. No fees apply. Open year round; closes at 10pm. The park is located off CR 225, 9 miles west of Nacogdoches. 127905 S. FM 225.(936) 559-2960.
Lake Nacogdoches East Side Park, 3 Acres:
Amenities include a two lane boat ramp which accommodates all boat types, a courtesy dock, a swim area, restrooms, a playground, and picnic tables with BBQ grills. No fees apply. Open year round; closes at 10pm. The park is located off CR 225, 8 miles west of Nacogdoches. 127925 S. FM 225. (936) 559-2960.
Stephen F. Austin Loop:  Nacogdoches, Lufkin
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Texas Wildflowers:
Due to budget constraints, TX-DOT no longer maintains a website offering spring wildflower sightings. Information is available at the Texas Highways Magazine.
Fishing Lake Nacogdoches:
Predominant fish species include largemouth bass, crappie and sunfish. The lake is very popular for its largemouth bass, crappie, and sunfish fishing; he record bass was 14.02 pounds. Special regulations are in effect for some lake species.
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Vaughn Blair's East Texas Fishing Guide Service:
Offers guided fishing trips on Lake Palestine, Lake Nacogdoches, and Sam Rayburn Lake. He also offers guide services on other East Texas lakes. (903) 646-3889.   Email
ShareLunker Program, Largemouth Bass:
The ShareLunker program began in 1986 as a way to improve Texas’ largemouth bass population by selectively breeding trophy fish. It is limited to largemouth bass weighing 13 pounds or more. Fish must be weighted on certified or legal for trade scales. Possession of the live fish must be transferred to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department representative within 12 hours after capture. Since the program’s inception, more than 400 largemouth bass have been donated from 55 public reservoirs and more than a dozen private lakes. As the program grew it became apparent that a new fish hatchery that was specifically tailored to the program was needed. Specifications called for the facility to be built within 50 miles of Lake Fork, because the majority of big fish are caught there. In 1998 the Edwin L. Cox, Jr., Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas was completed. Call (903) 681-0550. 24 hour pager: 1-888-784-0600.  Official Weigh and Holding Stations
Official ShareLunker Weigh & Holding Station:
Lake Naconiche & Park:  (936) 560-7755. The lake is located in northeast Nacogdoches, just north of U.S. 90.
Mosquito Informationfor Texas:
The months of April through October are the worst months for mosquitoes. . Mosquitoes love standing water, and love you when you eat bananas. Mosquitoes are also attracted to some perfumes, including perfumed shampoos. Rub yourself with Bounce Fabric Softener sheets, or with Vicks Vapor Rub or pure Mexican Vanilla. Some swear taking a daily vitamin B-1 pill works to repel mosquitoes. Planting Marigolds in your yard repels mosquitoes. On a picnic table try covering the bottom of a white plate with “lemon fresh” dish wash soap, or use citronella candles. Home Depot sometimes sells the candles in small metal buckets. The ThermaCell Mosquito Repellant is also quite effective in ridding small outdoor areas of mosquitos. Dynatrap Company makes a large standing electric mosquito machine that works like electric bug zappers. It is very successful at making large areas mosquito free. When purchasing mosquito repellent buy those with the ingredient N, N-diethyl-M-toluamide. Some that work include Off! Deep Woods, Off! Family Care Unscented with Aloe Vera, Cutter Unscented, Maggie’s Farm Natural, EcoSmart, All terrain Herbal Armor, Off Clip On, and Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (expensive). The fine net clothing available from Cabela’s and other sporting goods stores is highly effective in preventing mosquito bites.