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2010 Census - Unknown
2000 Census - 62
Cost, Texas
Cost Texas History:
In the 1890s, German settlers began arriving in the area. The community that developed was originally named Oso. The community was renamed Cost in 1897 when the Cost post office was established in Samuel C. Hindmans’s store. On October 2, 1835, the first shot of the Texas Revolution was fired a mile east of town. A downtown monument commemorates this event. Rancher J.B. Wells opened the first general store. A saloon opened, but it and Wells’ store closed in 1890. In 1892, William Muenzler moved his gin from Fayette County to Cost in order to serve the area’s German cotton farmers. In 1902, R.C. Schauer purchased Adolph Tolle’s 1896 blacksmith shop. It was eventually converted to a garage which operated until the 1960s. Cost to Gonzales telephone service was established in 1909. The Cost Hot Well (artesian well) Spa operated from 1925 to after World War II. By 1950, cotton was no longer a major crop. By the 1990s, poultry, livestock and feed grains were important industries. In 1990 cost had a grocery store, a feed and fertilizer store, a welding shop, an oilfield chemical supply house, and a field office of the Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative. The population in 1990 and 2000 was 62. A monument to the first gun fired in the fight for Texas independence is located on Spur 95 at the Guadalupe River Boat Ramp. Follow Spur 95 (in back of the monument) to the actual site of the skirmish to another marker erected by the school children of Gonzales (apparently with some help). Cost is located just south of the Guadalupe River at the intersection of SH 97 and FM 466, 25.5 miles southeast of Luling, 21 miles southeast of Ottine, 20.5 miles south of Harwood, 37 miles southwest of Flatonia, 26 miles southwest of Waelder, 26.5 miles west of Shiner, 21 miles northwest of Hochheim, 20.4 miles northeast of Nixon, 14.7 miles northeast of Smiley, and 8 miles southwest of Gonzales, Texas. 
Monument to the First Shot Fired in the Texas Revolution, Cost, TX:
“Near here on October 2, 1835 was fired the first shot of the Texas Revolution of 1835-36- the shot heard round the world. At Gonzales the Texans defied the Mexican government and refused their demand for the Gonzales Cannon with the "Come and take it" challenge until reinforcements arrived from other parts of Dewitt's colony and from the colonies on the Colorado and Brazos. They then pursued the Mexicans from Gonzales to near this point and fired upon them with this cannon, driving them back to Bexar. This shot started the revolution and was directly responsible for adding more territory to the United States than was acquired by the freeing of the original thirteen colonies from England.” From Cost, take SH 97 east to Spur 95. Go north (left) on Spur 95 and drive to the monument located near the Guadalupe River boat ramp. Cost is located at the intersection of SH 97 and FM 466, 8 miles southwest of Gonzales.