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Lake Pat Cleburne
Lake Pat Cleburne Information:
The 1,558 surface acre Lake Pat Cleburne was impounded in 1961 on the Nolan River. It has a maximum depth of 64 feet. This municipal lake is owned and managed by the City of Cleburne, Texas. Recreational activities include picnicking, camping, boating, sailing, water skiing, swimming and fishing. The lake is located just southwest of Cleburne off U.S. 67. (817) 645-0949.
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Nolan River:
The Nolan River rises in Johnson County just northwest of Cleburne and then flows in a generally southeastern direction to its confluence with the Brazos River on the headwaters of Lake Whitney in Hill County. Above Lake Pat Cleburne, which is located on U.S. Highway 67 just west of the City of Cleburne, the river is a narrow, tree-lined, slow-moving stream that is popular with anglers. Below Lake Whitney the Nolan River takes on a different character as it flows through limestone bluffs and ledges on a hard-packed clay and gravel bottom. The river banks are heavily vegetated with numerous species of large trees that hide the fact that just beyond the tree line is open farm land. Most adjacent property is privately owned, and trespassing without prior permission should be avoided. Fishing is excellent below the lake, with white and sand bass being the most popular species; gar and catfish are also found. The river is also home to great blue herons, snowy egrets and many other bird species.