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Granger Lake Information: 
Granger Lake and Lake Georgetown are the two reservoirs located on the San Gabriel River. Granger Lake was impounded in 1980 with the completion of the Laneport Dam (Granger Lake Dam). The 4,400 surface acre lake has a maximum depth of 50 feet. Activities include camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating and fishing. Volunteer positions are available. The lake is located off FM 771 and FM 1331, 10 miles northeast of Taylor, and 7 miles east of Granger, Texas.  
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Historic Friendship Community, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Beneath the waters of Granger Lake, constructed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers in the 1970s, lies the site of an early agricultural settlement known as Allison and later as Friendship. Brothers Elihu Creswell Allison and James A. Allison began ranching here in 1847, in what was then Milam County. A post office named Conel operated 1878-80, and in 1892 a new post office opened for Allison. Located along Willis Creek, Allison boasted a cotton gin, a store, a Baptist church, a tabernacle, a community cemetery and the Allison schoolhouse (later known as Old Friendship), and a Woodmen of the World lodge.
The devastating 1921 San Gabriel River flood destroyed the gin, store and tabernacle, and the new Friendship community developed nearby on higher ground. It prospered with businesses and social events, such as three-day fairs featuring political speeches and rodeos. Following consolidation with Centerville and Enterprise schools, a new Friendship schoolhouse opened in 1923. In 1958, Friendship merged with Granger School, but the building remained a community center for elections and a meeting place for farmers and homemakers. Agriculture remained the economic base of the community throughout its existence, and local farm and ranch families reflected diverse cultures, including Anglo, Czech and African American. Most residents dispersed in the 1970s, after construction of the Laneport (later Granger) Dam across the San Gabriel River. Allison (old Friendship) Cemetery burials were relocated to Granger cemeteries. Much of the recorded early life of the community was the work of Stacy Mikulencak Labaj (1903-77), who collected oral histories with longtime residents. Today, a reunion of Friendship families and friends keeps the memories alive for future generations.” The town is located under Lake Granger, 6 miles east of Granger, Texas.
Historic Friendship Bridge:
This bridge was originally constructed on Willis Creek around the turn of the century.  It was destroyed in September 1921 by a devastating flood which swept the county, causing severe loss of lives and property.  The bridge was reconstructed and used until it was dismantled and moved to its present location in Taylor Park by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1982. From IH-35 near Taylor, take SH 79 east to SH 95. Go north on SH 95 to FM 1331. Drive east on FM 1331 for approximately 5 miles to the park entrance on the left.
Historic Hoxie Bridge in Taylor Park:
The original bridge was constructed in approximately 1900 over the San Gabriel River, 3.5 miles east of Circleville. It was washed 300 yards downstream during the 1921 flood. In November 1921, Austin Brothers was awarded a contract to reconstruct the bridge, and a team of convict laborers was sent from Huntsville to perform the work. After the 1921 reconstruction, the bridge served Williamson County residents until it was dismantled in 1979 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who erected it at the present site in 1982.  Built with iron trusses and wood planking, the Hoxie Bridge is typical of those constructed in the early 1900’s. From IH-35 near Taylor, take SH 79 east to SH 95. Go north on SH 95 to FM 1331. Drive east on FM 1331 for approximately 5 miles to the park entrance on the left. Taylor Park Map  
San Gabriel River:
The 120 mile San Gabriel River has four forks. The 42 mile long North Fork rises 12 miles north of Burnet, Texas and flows generally southeasterly through Burnet and Williamson Counties to join the South Fork in Georgetown, Texas. Recreational usage is restricted to periods of abundant rainfall because the river usually does not have a steady flow. The Russell Fork rises 6 miles north of Burnet and flows into the North Fork. The Middle Fork rises 5 miles east of Liberty Hill in Williamson County and flows eastward to its mouth on the North Fork, one mile west of IH-35 near the western city limit of Georgetown. The 34 mile long South Fork rises 4 miles east of Burnet. It flows generally eastward through Williamson County to join the North Fork to form the San Gabriel River proper within the city limits of Georgetown. Like the North Fork, recreation usage on the South Fork is restricted to periods of abundant rainfall. Granger Lake and Lake Georgetown are the two Reservoirs located on the San Gabriel River. The 37.5 miles section of the San Gabriel River between Georgetown and Laneport is contained entirely within the boundaries of Williamson County. The width of the river varies from 20 to 40 feet with the water level being rather shallow, especially during dry summer months. However, a minimum flow for recreational use almost always is available and is ideal for inexperienced recreationists; a good entry point for this section of the river is San Gabriel Park at 445 East Morrow. The 37 mile section of the river between Laneport and U.S. 77 flows through portions of Williamson and Milam Counties. Along this section, the river flows fairly deep within its flood plain and the view usually is restricted to the riverbed and steep banks; this portion of the river is feasible for recreational use most of the time. A good entry point for use of this section of the San Gabriel River is the county road crossing off FM 1331 in the town of Laneport. The San Gabriel River joins the Little River in Milam County. Click on the above link for river crossings information.
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Granger Lake Directions:
The lake is located off FM 771 and FM 1331, 10 miles northeast of Taylor, and 7 miles east of Granger, Texas.