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Richland Chambers Lake
Richland Chambers Lake Information:
The 41,356 surface acre Richland Chambers Lake was impounded in 1987. It is located on Richland and Chambers Creeks, southeast of Corsicana on U.S. 287. The lake is 26 miles long, is 3.5 miles wide at its widest point, has 330 miles of shoreline, and a maximum depth is 75 feet. The lake is the third largest inland lake in Texas. The Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area and the 2,000 acre George W. Shannon Wetlands are located between the lake and the Trinity River.  
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Current Richland Chambers Lake Level
Richland Chambers Lake TPWD Public Access Facilities Map
Richland Creek:
The creek rises 5 miles south of Files Valley in northeastern Hill County and flows 7southeast for 88 miles to its mouth on the Trinity River, ten miles north of Amerada Camp in northeastern Freestone County. The creek is dammed in Navarro County to form Navarro Mills Lake, and is dammed to form Richland Chambers Lake, southeast of Corsicana, Texas.
Chambers Creek (also called Pecan Creek):
The creek rises at the junction of its north and south forks 2.5 miles southwest of Boz in west central Ellis County. The creek meanders for 67 miles to its mouth on Richland Creek, 2 miles north of the Freestone County line in southern Navarro County.
Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area Information:
This 13,952 acre Wildlife Management Area is located between the Richland-Chambers Reservoir and the Trinity River. The WMA was named for Richland Creek, a tributary of the Trinity River, which flowed through the property prior to the construction of the reservoir. The Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area was created to compensate for habitat losses associated with the construction of the reservoir. Most of the land lies in the floodplain of the Trinity River, and consists of bottomland hardwood forests and George W. Shannon Wetlands. The vast bottomland hardwood forests serve as nesting and brood rearing habitat for many species of Neotropical birds. The Area has numerous marshes and sloughs, which provide habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl, wading birds and shore birds, as well as diverse aquatic life. Bird checklists are available at the WMA headquarters. Activities include hunting, fishing, camping, picnicking, bicycling and hiking. Amenities include roads. The WMA is open year round, except during Special Permit Hunts. The north unit is located north of U.S. 287, and the south unit is accessible from FM 488 at the southeastern end of the lake. The WMA is located 25 miles southeast of Corsicana on U.S. 287 and FM 488. From Corsicana take U.S. 287 south about 30 miles to FM 488 then take FM 488 south for two miles to the South Unit headquarters.
George W. Shannon Wetlands, 2,000 Acres:
The wetlands are in the North Shore Unit, and are part of the Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area. The man-made wetlands provide approximately 17% of the water supply for the Tarrant regional Water District. The wetlands pull water from the Trinity River and let it spread through the wetlands which act as a filter. The water is then pumped into a sediment basin. With more than 240 bird species recorded, the wetlands offer some of the best bird watching in Texas. During the winter thousands of migratory birds frequent the area. Bird species include American Bald Eagles, white-faced ibis, northern shovelers, gadwalls, green-winged teal, blue-winged teal, mallards, Harrier hawks, pintails, wood storks, roseate spoonbills, green egrets, great blue herons, and American coots. A bird checklist is available from the Richland Creek WMA headquarters. Wetlands activities include birding, hunting and fishing. Enter the wetlands through the Richland Creek WMA north entrance, north of U.S. 287. (817) 335-2491.140 FM 416, Streetman, Texas 75859.  Email  George W. Shannon Wetlands Map