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Proctor Lake
Proctor Lake Information:
The 4,537 surface acre Proctor Lake is located on the Sabana and Leon Rivers. Construction on Proctor Dam began in June 1960. The lake was impounded in 1963. It has a maximum depth of 34 feet. Lake facilities include a country club and 4 parks with boat ramps and camping amenities. Volunteer positions are available.The lake is located on the east side of SH 16, and on the west side of U.S. 67 off FM 1476, just west of Proctor, and northeast of Comanche, Texas.For more complete lake information, go to the Proctor Lake Home Page. From Comanche take U.S. 377 East for 5 miles then go 2 miles north on FM 2861. From Proctor, go west on FM 1476.
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Proctor Lake Dinosaur:
Dozens of Hypsilophodon fossils are found at Proctor Lake. Skeletons are found as single adults or as clusters of as many as 12 small adults. Flocks of young and adult Hypsilophodonts lived around the Proctor Lake area. The Hypsilophodont family of dinosaurs were mostly small, two legged plant eaters. The Proctor Lake dinosaurs are newly discovered and have yet been given genus and species names. Fossils from Proctor Lake are curated in the Shuler Museum of Paleontology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. (214) 768-2898.  Dr. Winkler Email
Leon River:
The Leon River is part of the Brazos River system. It rises at the confluence of its North, South, and Middle forks east of Eastland, Texas in northwestern Eastland County. The South Fork rises northeast of Cottonwood in southeastern Callahan County and flows northeast for twenty-five miles to its mouth on the North Fork. The North Fork rises at Cisco in northwestern Eastland County and flows northeast for eleven miles forming Lake Brelsford a mile northwest of Eastland; it also forms Lake Eastland near Eastland, Texas. The Middle Fork rises six miles west of Eastland and flows east for six miles to join the combined North and South Forks to form the Leon River proper. Lake Belton is located on the Leon River 16.7 miles upstream of the confluence of the Leon and Little Rivers. The Leon River runs southeast for 185 miles through Eastland, Comanche, Hamilton, and Coryell counties to its confluence with the Lampasas and Salado Rivers to form the Little River. The South Leon River, a tributary of the Leon, rises in extreme eastern Brown County and runs northeast across southern Comanche County to join the main stream. Communities along the Leon River include De Leon, Gustine, Proctor, Lamkin, Jonesboro, Levita, Gatesville, Fort Gates, Moody and Belton. The river is dammed to form Lake Leonseven miles south of Ranger, and Proctor Reservoir (Proctor Lake) three miles west of Proctor in Comanche County. Mother Neff State Park is located on the Leon River in Moody, Texas.  Leon River Fish Stocking History
Sabana River:  
The Sabana River rises 5 miles northeast of Cross Plains in southeastern Callahan County, and flows southeast for 50 miles through southern Eastland County to its mouth on Proctor Lake in Comanche County.