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Lake Colorado City

Lake Colorado City Information:
In 1949, the Texas Electric Company constructed the 1,618 surface acre Lake Colorado City on Morgan Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River, in order to provide cooling water for its Morgan Creek Power Plant. The lake has over 5 miles of shoreline, and has a maximum depth of 51 feet. Lake facilities include the Lake Colorado City State Park and Cooper’s Cove Marina. The lake is managed by Colorado City. (325) 728-5331. The lake is located south of IH-120, 5 miles southwest of Colorado City.
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Lake Colorado City TPWD Public Access Facilities Map 
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Lake Colorado City State Park Information:
In 1971, the TPWD obtained a 99 year lease for the 500 acre parkland from the Texas Electric Utility Company. Lake Colorado City State Park opened to the public in 1972. Park activities include camping, picnicking, hiking, and lake recreation. Wildlife includes white-tailed deer, mallard duck, raccoon, armadillo, and squirrels. Texas Horned Lizards (sometimes called toads) live in the park; please avoid running over them on the roads. A portion of the Texas State Longhorn Herd resides within the park, including Poncho and Lefty. Park entrance and camping fees apply. The park is located 7 miles southwest of Colorado City on the south shore of Lake Colorado City at 4582 FM 2836. For more complete park information, watch the Park Video.  The park is located 7 miles southwest of Colorado City on the south shore of Lake Colorado City at 4582 FM 2836.   Lake Colorado City State Park Facilities Map
Cooper's Cove Marina:
Amenities include a paved boat rap, a courtesy dock, live bait, a gas dock, boat repairs and services, lakeside lot rentals, tent campsites, RV spaces with full hookups, and cabins. Day use is available for a fee. Open daily 8:30am-7pm. (325) 728-5885. The marina is located on the east side of the lake on Lake CR 307. From FM 1229 west of Colorado City, go west on CR 307 and drive to the marina on your right.
Lake Colorado City Birding Information:
Habitat consists of prickly pear cactus and mesquite trees. Ducks and grebes may be viewed during the fall and winter. Many American coots and pied-billed grebes winter in the park; a few stay year round. Several species of sparrows may be viewed including white-crowned sparrow, golden-crowned and ruby-crowned kinglets. Other bird species include yellow-rumped warblers, northern flicker, marsh wren, house wren, common yellowthroat, cedar waxwings and American robin. Spring and fall bird sightings include many ducks, ring-billed and Bonaparte’s gulls, terns, pied-billed and eared grebes, loons and herons (great blue heron, great egret, white-faced ibis, green heron, snowy egret, and black-crowned night heron). Spring and summer brings painted buntings, Pyrrhuloxia, Bullock’s oriole, black-chinned hummingbirds, Verdins, bushtit, northern cardinals, Bell’s vireo, eastern phoebe, vermillion flycatcher, scissortail flycatcher and western kingbird. Common nighthawks can be found roosting in the mesquite trees in the Mesquite Circle camping loop. Year round residents include northern mockingbird, cactus and Bewick’s wrens, mourning dove, house finches, canyon towhee, northern bobwhite, scaled quail, golden-fronted and ladderback woodpeckers, and curve-billed thrasher. The great horned owl is viewed at night.  Lake Colorado City State Park Birding Map
Birding - Texas Panhandle Plains Birding Trail:
Colorado Headwaters Loop:  Clairemont, Big Spring, Post, Snyder, Ira, Colorado City 
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Texas Wildflowers:
Due to budget constraints, TX-DOT no longer maintains a website offering spring wildflower sightings. Information is available at the Texas Highways Magazine.
Fishing Lake Colorado City:
Lake Colorado City State Parkhas an ADA compliant lighted fishing pier. Additional fishing amenities include a 4 lane concrete boat ramp, an unlighted fishing pier, and a lakeshore fishing area. Predominant fish species include largemouth bass, channel and flathead catfish, and white bass. A fishing license is not required for those fishing from the shore or from a pier inside a Texas state park. Golden alga caused a significant fish kill in Lake Colorado City in October of 2001. Fishing is expected to be very poor until the golden alga has subsided and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has an opportunity to rebuild the fishery. In 2011, draught conditions made the boat ramp inoperable. Red drum is no longer stocked in this lake. Lake maps are not available. Read about free fishing in Texas State Parks.
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Lake Colorado City TPWD Public Access Facilities Map 
Lake Colorado City Fish Stocking History
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ShareLunker Program, Largemouth Bass:
The ShareLunker program began in 1986 as a way to improve Texas’ largemouth bass population by selectively breeding trophy fish. It is limited to largemouth bass weighing 13 pounds or more. Fish must be weighted on certified or legal for trade scales. Possession of the live fish must be transferred to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department representative within 12 hours after capture. Since the program’s inception, more than 400 largemouth bass have been donated from 55 public reservoirs and more than a dozen private lakes. As the program grew it became apparent that a new fish hatchery that was specifically tailored to the program was needed. Specifications called for the facility to be built within 50 miles of Lake Fork, because the majority of big fish are caught there. In 1998 the Edwin L. Cox, Jr., Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens, Texas was completed. Call (903) 681-0550. 24 hour pager: (888)    784-0600.  Official Weigh and Holding Stations 
Lake Colorado City State Park Directions:
The park is located 10 miles southwest of Colorado City on the south shore of Lake Colorado City at 4582 FM 2836.