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White Rock Lake
White Rock Lake Information:  
The 1,015 surface acre White Rock Lake is a popular City of Dallas Lake. White Rock Lake Park occupies most of the lake land. In 1903, a dam was built on Bachman’s Creek to provide water for the City of Dallas, but the formed lake was too small to meet the city’s needs. In 1907, the city began to acquire land in White Rock Valley for a future reservoir that would be larger than Bachman Lake. The famous flood of 1908 was followed by the drought of 1909 and in 1910 the growing water crisis prompted the City of Dallas to award a contract to build a dam on White Rock Creek to the Fred A. Jones Company. The dam was completed, and the lake impounded in 1913. The lake has nine tributaries, including McThurman Branch, Dixon Branch, and the main tributary, White Rock Creek. The headwaters for the lake are in a pasture near Frisco, Texas in Collin County. The lake has 1,015 surface acres and 9.5 miles of shoreline. The average lake depth is uncertain. The original volume of the lake at its impoundment in 1913 was 18,158 acre feet, The lake volume in 1994 prior to the current dredging was 9,004 acre feet. In 1933, Company No. 2896 of the Civilian Conservation Corps set up camp on the eastern shore of the lake. Over the next 7 years the workers made improvements to White Rock Lake Park at Doran's Point (now Flag Pole Hill), Sunset Bay, Big Thicket, and Winfrey Point. The CCC also planted or transplanted hundreds of trees. The two bridges built by the CCC, one on either side of the lake, are still in use. They also built a new pier for the White Rock Sailing Club. A ban on outboard motors of more than 9.5 horsepower was instituted in 1958. Windsurfing, sailboarding, jet skiing, swimming and large motor boats are prohibited on the lake. Park amenities include a 9.33 mile hike & bike trail, an Audubon Society designated bird watching area and wetlands site, numerous picnic areas, the reservable Winfrey Point and Big Thicket picnic areas, fishing piers, the White Rock Bath House Cultural Center, the White Rock Lake Museum, and the Dallas Arboretum. A picnic area sits along Dixson Branch (Creek). Bonney Bell Island does not exist; Mapquest includes the island on their maps as a copyright protection. The lake is home to 33 species of mammals, 54 varieties of reptiles, including rattlesnakes and horned toads, 20 kinds of amphibians, 19 species of fish, and over 217 species of birds, including ducks, loons, pelicans and sea gulls. Volunteer positions are available. The lake is located west of SH 78 and southwest of Loop 12 (North Buckner Boulevard), 5 miles northwest of downtown Dallas.A park entrance is at the junction of Garland Road and East Lawther Drive.  
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White Rock Creek:
The creek rises 2 miles southeast of Frisco in southwestern Collin County. The creek is intermittent in its upper reaches. It flows south for 23.5 miles into White Rock Lake. Below the lake dam it flows south for 8 miles to its mouth on the Trinity River, 2 miles southeast of the intersection of IH-45 and the Trinity River.