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2010 Census - 717
2000 Census - 705
Crawford, Texas
Crawford Texas History:
The Tonkawa Indians were the earliest inhabitants of the Crawford area. These nomads roamed the area between the Trinity and Colorado Rivers, clashing with the Waco Indians and angering the Spanish with their refusal to stay in Spanish missions. Artifacts reveal that the area along Tonk Creek, now known as Tonkawa Park, was an Indian campground and a burial ground. Petroglyphs carved into the creek bed testify to both the Tonkawa presence and the probable influence of the Spanish. Around 1867, the first Anglos settled at Tonk Crossing, a ford of the Middle Bosque River, two miles east of present day Crawford. The community that developed was named for Nelson Crawford who graded the river crossing. A Crawford inn was a changing station for the Brownwood Stage Line. The Crawford post office was established in 1871. In 1881, the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway built a line between Temple and Fort Worth, bypassing Crawford by two miles. By 1890, the town had steam flour and corn mills, two general stores, three groceries, a cotton gin, four churches and 400 residents. Cotton, wheat, hides and corn were shipped by rail. Crawford incorporated in 1897. By 1910, it had 600 residents. Like most small Texas towns, the population declined during the Great Depression. In the early 1940s it had 471 residents. The population began growing in the 1980s as more residents began to commute to McGregor or Waco for work. The population was 705 in 2000, when the town gained fame as the site of President George W. Bush's purchase of the Prairie Chapel Ranch located 7 miles northwest of Crawford. Crawford is located two miles west of the Middle Bosque River, 33 miles southeast of Meridian, 20 miles southeast of Clifton, 27 miles south of Laguna Park and Lake Whitney, 46.5 miles southwest of Hillsboro, 35 miles southwest of Elm Mott, 24 miles west of Waco, 35 miles north of Belton, and 26.6 miles northeast of Gatesville, Texas.
Crawford Community Center:
This reservable community center features a 2,400 square foot hardwood dance floor, seating for approximately 350 guests and a large stage. Amenities in the fully equipped kitchen include an ice machine, walk in cooler with beer dispensers, an electric drink box, and electric range and a microwave. Additional amenities include a large parking area and restrooms. The Centex Dance Club meets at the center the first Sunday of each month at 4:30pm, and is open to all. (254) 749-0635. The community center is located in Tonkawa Park, east of Crawford on East 4th Street.
Spanos Coffee Station:
This small town café serves good hamburgers, cheeseburgers, onion rings and other comfort foods.  It is frequented by former President Bush. Open daily, 6am-9pm. (254) 486-2561. 6659 North Lone Star Parkway.  Reviews