South Texas Plains
2010 Census - 5,368
2000 Census - 5,655
Carrizo Springs, Texas
Carrizo Springs Texas History:
Carrizo Springs was founded in 1865 by a group of fifteen families from Atascosa County. In 1880, the town became the county seat of the newly organized Dimmitt County. Captain Levi English of the Texas Rangers donated land for the town, schools, churches, and the courthouse. Ranching was the primary industry until 1900 when artesian water was discovered and crop irrigation became possible. In 1910, the San Antonio, Uvalde and Gulf Railroad built a line to the town. Carrizo Springs incorporated that same year.Carrizo Springs is located in the Winter Garden area of the Rio Grande Valley. The famous Georgia Vidalia Onion got its start when Texas Granex onions from Carrizo Springs were shipped to Georgia in 1952. Today the town is well known for its sunflowers (Helianthus Praecox) that only grow in and around the town; the flower has long petals, and can be easily mistaken for a daisy. The downtown Popeye the Spinach Man Statue is popular with children. The town is also located in the Golden Triangle area of South Texas, a premiere hunting area. Carrizo Springs is located on U.S. 83, 98 miles southeast of Del Rio, 43 miles southeast of Eagle Pass, 12 miles southwest of Crystal City, 43 miles slightly northwest of Cotulla, 41 miles northwest of Artesia Wells, and 81 miles northwest of Laredo, Texas. 
Dimmitt County Courthouse: 1884:
The courthouse was designed in Italianate style by architect J. C. Breeding. It cost $14,000 to build. An $84,000 renovation in 1926 changed the style. During the 2005 renovation, the horse watering trough was moved to another location. The 2010 Dimmitt County census was 9,996. (830) 876-2323. 103 North 5th Street, Carrizo Springs, Texas 78834. 
Dimmitt County Public Library & Wade House Memorial Museum:
The museum features the Indian artifact collection of J. Wade House, a Carrizo Springs teacher, the Native American artifacts collection of the Catarina Ranch donated by Gov. Dolph Briscoe, Jr., and other city and county historic items. Open Mon-Fri, 8am-4:45pm. (830) 876-5788. 200 9th Street, Carrizo Springs, Texas 78834. Email
Annual Los Cuernos De Tejas Big Game Contest:
This contest runs during the hunting season from October through January, and features over two dozen categories. Deer are scored at Circle V Ranch during normal business hours; call to notify someone of your planned arrival. They may also be scored by a certified scorer of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Big Game Awards, or a Boone & Crockett scorer. The awards banquet is in March. (830) 876-5354. Circle V Ranch Center. Is located on Highway 277 West, 1 mile west of Carrizo Springs, Texas. Email
Texas Olive Ranch, Carrizo Springs & Asherton:
Owners of the Texas Olive Ranch include Jim Henry, a founder of the Texas Olive Oil Council, Karen Lee, and Jerry and Penny Farrell, owners of Farrell’s Olive Orchard in Artesia Springs. The Texas Olive Ranch grows over 40,000 olive trees. The ranch sells a variety of olive oils including flavored olive oils, balsamic vinegar and olive trees. Visitors are welcomed at the ranch. They do not have a full time tour guide, but if you call ahead they will arrange for someone to meet with you. (214) 325-5787. Texas Olive Ranch is located on FM 1557 at La Maritita CR, between Carrizo Springs and Asherton, Texas. Watch for the big sign on the fence, the big olive trees, and a waving Texas flag. They also have an office in Dallas, Texas. Email 
Dixondale Farms:
Established in 1913, the farm specializes in high quality onion plants, and is the oldest and largest producer of onion plants in the nation. Purchase onion and leak plants, fertilizers, jumbo onions and more. Open Dec through July, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. Open Sept through Nov, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm. (830) 876-2430. (877) 367-1015.
This restaurant information came from an Austin friend who owns a ranch in Carrizo Springs, Texas. According to him the best area restaurants are in Crystal City and include Miguelito’s Mexican Grill, Richardo’s Latin American Restaurant, and Yolie’s Steakhouse and Mexican Restaurant; his favorite is Miguelito’s. In Carrizo Springs most people go to Rositas Restaurant. Other Carrizo Springs restaurants include Mi Casa Steakhouse and the Balia Restaurant; try them all and make your own decision (everyone has different tastes in food). Miguelito’s Reviews