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2000 Census - 85
Collegeport, Texas
Collegeport Texas History:
The town was established in 1908 on Jonathan E. Pierce’s Ranch by the Hurd Land Company. The company also established the Gulf Coast University of Industrial Arts. The combination of a port and the college gave the settlement its name. By 1909, it had a post office. It became a stop on the St. Louis, Brownsville Mexico Railroad in 1911. An agricultural crisis hit this town of 450 in 1914, and ten years later an ice storm killed hundreds of cattle causing the packing plant to close. By 1936, the town had 200 residents. By 1952 the college, church and most of the local businesses had closed. Collegeport is located on the eastern shore of Tres Palacios Bay across the bay from Palacios, Texas (18 miles by road), 17 miles south of Blessing, 14 miles southwest of Elmaton, 32 miles southwest of Bay City, 21.5 miles southwest of Wadsworth, and 29 miles northwest of Matagorda, Texas.       
Historic Town of Collegeport, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“Jonathan Edward Pierce and Abel Brown Pierce hired land developer Burton D. Hurd to sell off 9,000 acres of their ranch lands in 1908. The agreement with Hurd called for the development of a town that would include a college and a port on Trespalacios Bay. Advertising the venture in newspapers of northern states, Hurd promoted the area's mild climate and promising farming opportunities. A number of families relocated to Collegeport to purchase land, establish farms, and build new homes. The Gulf Coast University of Industrial arts, the college promised by the town's developer, opened in 1909. Served by the Missouri Pacific (MoPac) Railroad, Collegeport grew quickly and by 1912 included a bank, post office, school, two churches, retail stores, and other commercial businesses. It boasted the county's first free public library, its first Boy Scout troop, and the Women's Club, founded in 1910. In 1914 a heavy freeze killed most of the farmers' crops. The following year the area experienced a drought and a disease which devastated the livestock herds, causing many families to move away. The railroad depot, known as Mopac House, was dismantled and rebuilt as part of the public library in 1935.”
Historic First Presbyterian Church of Collegeport, Texas Historical Marker Text:
“The town of Collegeport, on Tres Palacios Bay in Matagorda County, was planned by the Burton D. Hurd Land Company as a promotional scheme for selling the lands of J. E. and A. B. Pierce. The company provided land for a townsite and the creation of the Gulf Coast University of Industrial Arts. In November of 1909 community leaders joined together at the University's chapel to discuss the creation of Collegeport Federated Church. Representing fourteen denominations, the congregation's early mission was to unify the community and support a common church for all citizens. Murray A. Travis was called as the first pastor of the church. Pastor Travis had moved to Collegeport in 1909 from Canada to join his brother William H. Travis, and help with the development of university programs as dean. In addition to his university duties, Pastor Travis also ran the COLLEGEPORT CHRONICLE, one of the area's first newspapers. In 1910 the congregation began work on their first sanctuary building at an estimated cost of $2,000. The five-room building was opened for services on November 27, 1910. Among the charter members who signed the first register were persons of Baptist, Methodist, Union, Universal, and Presbyterian backgrounds. For many years the church doubled as a schoolhouse and community center. In 1922 the congregation unanimously passed a resolution to join the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., and became the First Presbyterian Church of Collegeport. The congregation continued to use the 1910 sanctuary until 1955 when new facilities were built using materials and furnishings from the original church.”
Blessing Branch Library, Blessing, TX: 
This branch of the Palacios, Texas Library offers Wi-Fi. Open Mon-Tue & Thu-Fri, 1pm-6pm. (361) 588-7717. 812 10th Street, Blessing, 77419. In March 2013, the library was in the process of renovating a new library building at 124 9th Street.
El Maton National (Dance) Hall and Tavern:
This is one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. It offers live music, cold beer and dancing. It is available for private functions. Open Fri-Sat, 5pm-Midnight. The dance hall hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Day BBQ cook-off with live music on Friday and Saturday nights. (979) 479-5456. (979) 240-5858. The hall is located  south of SH 35 at the intersection of FM 1095 and CR 432, approximately 2 miles east of Blessing, 10 miles southwest of Bay City, and 24 miles south of El Campo, Texas at 565 FM 1095, Elmaton, Texas 77440. Email  Elmaton Area Map  Elmaton Map; Click to Enlarge 
Annual Matagorda County Fair & Livestock Show, Feb, Bay City, TX:
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-3:30pm; closed 12-1pm for lunch. (979) 245-2454. Tickets: (979) 245-1819. The fairgrounds are located on the southeast edge of Bay City at 4511 FM 2668, Bay city, TX 77414.
Hotel Blessing & Restaurant, Blessing, TX:
Built in 1906, the hotel was given to the Blessing Historical Foundation in 1978. It was restored and functions as a hotel. The Blessing Hotel Coffee Shop still has the old wood stove. The Coffee Shop menu changes daily. The food is excellent country cooking; customers serve themselves from pots set on the old potbellied stoves. Turkey and dressing is served every Sunday. The Coffee Shop serves breakfast and lunch daily; closed on Christmas Day. It closes at 2pm. Sometimes the Hotel is closed, but the restaurant always remains open. The hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (361) 588-6623. 128 10th Street, Blessing, Texas 77419. Blessing is located on Sh 35, 17.5 miles southwest of Bay City, Texas. Restaurant Reviews