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Clear Lake City, Texas
Clear Lake City (Greater Houston) Texas History:
In 1938, the Humble Oil and Refining Company (later Exxon), purchased 30,000 acres in southern Harris County from James Marion West. This acreage included the West family ranch. In 1961, the Johnson Space Center was built on a 1,000 acre tract of the former West family ranch. A year later, Humble and the Del E. Webb Corporation formed a company to develop a residential and industrial area on 15,000 acres of Humble land located on Clear Lake, near the space center. In 1963, this new community opened as Clear Lake City. By 1974, the population of Clear Lake City was 16,000. Houston annexed Clear Lake City in 1977. Today the economy is supported by the Johnson Space Center, the aerospace industry, retail businesses, and tourism. Clear Lake City is the second largest master planned community within the Houston city limits; Kingwood is the largest. A small northern portion of Clear Lake City lies within the city limits of Pasadena, and a small eastern portion lies within the city limits of Taylor Lake Village. Clear Lake City is located across the NASA Parkway (formerly NASA Road 1) Bridge from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. On September 12, 2008 it received extensive damage from Hurricane Ike. Clear Lake is located 23.7 miles southeast of Houston, 12.8 miles southeast of Pasadena, 13.6 miles southwest of La Porte, 6.5 miles west of Seabrook, 8 miles west of Kemah, 4.4 miles northwest of League City, 25.6 miles northwest of Texas City, and 31 miles northwest of Galveston, Texas.